Moises Arias

Does Moisés Arias have an innie or outie belly button?


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He has an little outie belly button.

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An innie is if your belly button go's in it's a innie.

Yes, Kim Possible's belly button is an innie.

she has an innie belly button

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he has a Innie-Type with a little Happy trail.

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Odd question, but after seeing Cheaper by the Dozen 2, I can say it is an Innie! lol

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Although There Are Many Photographs Of Emma Watson, Theres Not Photo Of Her Belly Button. But The Majority Have An `Innie` So She Might Have That.

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It is more common to have an innie belly button compared to an outie, though there are all types, shapes and sizes. The shape is just a random thing based on how it was cut and how it healed.

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