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Mother Teresa was named as the patron saint of World Youth Day a few years back. She has no other patronages at this time.

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Q: Does Mother Teresa have a patronage?
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What did mother Teresa's attitudes have?

Mother Teresa to have them.

Did Mother Teresa ever play any sports?

Mother Teresa did not participate in or follow sports.

How does Mother Teresa get the name Nirmala?

Nirmala is the name of the successor of Mother Teresa, not the name of Mother Teresa.

Was Mother Teresa a Muslim?

No, Mother Teresa was a Catholic.

What was Mother Teresa's pet?

Mother Teresa had no pets.

Was Mother Teresa a gypsy?

No, Mother Teresa was Albanian.

What was Mother Teresa's faith?

Mother Teresa was a Catholic her entire life.

Was Mother Teresa's brother born before Mother Teresa?

Yes he was. Mother Teresa was the youngest of the three siblings.

Was Mother Teresa's father married?

Yes, he was married to Mother Teresa's mother.

How religion guided Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa was a Catholic.

Who was Mother Teresa's dad?

Mother Teresa's dad was Nikola

Who was Mother Teresa's child?

Mother Teresa had no biological children.