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Does MySpace have fees?

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From terms and conditions:

You acknowledge that Myspace reserves the right to charge for any portion of the Myspace Services and to change its fees (if any) from time to time in its discretion on a prospective basis. Orders are accepted by us only upon delivery by us of the product or services. We may change terms and conditions of offers from time to time and may refuse or cancel orders; provided, however, that if we have charged you prior to rejecting an order we will issue a refund. We try to accurately describe our products and services, and their pricing, but typos and other errors may occur so we do not warrant that specifications, pricing or other Myspace Content or Myspace Services will be complete, error-free, current, reliable or accurate. We will make good faith efforts to post corrections when such mistakes of a material nature are discovered and we will provide you with suitable means to allow you to correct any input errors you make before you make a payment for the Myspace Services. If Myspace terminates your Membership because you have breached the Agreement, you shall not be entitled to the refund of any unused portion of fees or payments (if any). If you terminate your Membership, you shall not be entitled to the refund of any unused portion of fees or payments (if any). If Myspace terminates your Membership, or any ongoing Myspace Services for which you have paid, other than for your breach of the Agreement (or of applicable Additional Terms), then as your sole remedy, Myspace shall provide a pro-rata refund of any fees or payments (if any) for Myspace Services that you paid for but that were not yet delivered. Myspace may require that you agree to certain Additional Terms for some Myspace Services, such as related to fee-based portions of the Myspace Services (e.g., fees to access certain content from your mobile, tablet or internet connected television or other Device). We may offer customer support services from time to time, but are not obligated to do so. Customer support representatives do not have the authority to bind us or to change or waive our rights under this Agreement or any Additional Terms. For Members in the European Union, you acknowledge that you have no right to any cooling-off period under the Distance Selling Directive (Directive 97/7/EC) on the basis that we will provide you the Myspace Services before or immediately after we receive your payment for such services.

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