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Q: Does My Chemical Romance killjoys signs have names I heard that Mikeys signs name was Cobrahead what are the others?
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Who smokes in your chemical romance?

frank, mikey & Gerard no its frank Gerard and bob not mikey correct- mikeys only know poisin is coffee!! same here mikey same here!!

Who is Helena based off of from my chemical romance?

I'm not sure but i think its Tracy Phillips.

What is Mikeys brother called in Goonies?


How old is mikeys wife?

she's dead cv

When is mikeys birthday from the iconic boyz?

february 26,1999

Who is the mother of Gerard way?

Donna Lee Way is Gerads and Mikeys mother.

Is ABDC coming back for season 7?

On Mikeys birthdayy

What is the name of mikeys mouse's dog?

Mickey's dog is called Pluto

What made Gerard Way depressed?

alot of it had to do with the death of his and mikeys grandma

What color are mikey's braces from Iconic boyz?

Mikeys braces are blue! He told me on twitter.

When is mikeys birthday from iconic boyz?

mikey's birthday is feb. 26

What are the release dates for American Chopper Senior vs- Junior - 2010 Mikeys Decision 2-13?

American Chopper Senior vs- Junior - 2010 Mikeys Decision 2-13 was released on: USA: 4 October 2011