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yes, it does its called the water planet

Well, I thought it was called the Blue Planet!


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What are nicknames for Neptune and why are they given to the planet?

nicknames for neptune are god of the sea because neptune the god which they used to name the planet means god of the sea. =)

What are some of Poseidon's nicknames?

His roman name was Neptune.

Does Neptune have any rocks in it?

no neptune is just gas

Does Neptune have any land?

No. Neptune is a gas planet.

Is Neptune volcanically active?

Neptune does not have any volcanoes.

Can you Neptune from a telescope?

I can Neptune from anywhere any time

Does neptune have any volcanoes and quakes?

does Neptune have quakes

Which planet is known as the blue planet?

The 'Blue Planet' is one of the nicknames of planet Neptune.

Are there any ice caps of any sort on Neptune?

Neptune does NOT have any ice caps or glaciers. That is because Neptune in the farthest planet away from the sun and there's no water.

Does Neptune have any planets?

No. Neptune is a planet. It has several moons.

Did Charles Drew have any nicknames?

No, not any main nicknames.

What are some nicknames for Poseidon?

some nick names for poseidon is neptune and poseidon is a greek god and neptune is a real roman god of the sea like poseidon and poseidons coulture is neptune but poseidon is much stronger and much heard from people then neptune is and poseidons planet is neptune and thats why its so cold

Are there any volcanoes on Neptune?

No, Neptune doesn't have a solid surface for there to be volcanoes.

Does Neptune have any landslides?

there is no landslides on Neptune because it is a gas giant.

What is the landform of Neptune?

Neptune is a gas giant, so it does not have any land.

Is there any food source on Neptune or Mars?

yes it is coral that on Neptune

What bacteria is on Neptune?

We don't think that there is any bacteria on Neptune. It is very unlikely that there is life of any kind there.

Does Neptune have any valconoes?


Are there any flowers on neptune?


Does Neptune have any gravel?


Does Neptune have any deserts?

No, Neptune is a gas planet and has no terra firma for a desert or any other land feature.

Does Neptune have any moons or rings?

Neptune has 13 moons and 5 rings.

Does Neptune have any craters?

No. Neptune is a gas planet and so does not have a solid surface.

Did Neptune have any landslides?

No, Neptune is entirely gaseous and there is no land on it that would slide.

Are there any myths about Neptune?

Yes look up Myths of Neptune or posiden

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