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Does New York have a flag?

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Why was the new york flag chosen?

why wos new york flag chosen

What is the story of the New York flag?

the story behind the new york flag is tha

What flags fly at Yankee Stadium?

The US flag, the New York State flag (the blue flag), and the New York City flag (the blue, white, and orange flag).

What is the name of New York state flag?

new yorks flag

Did the colony New York had a flag?

the colony of new york shared a flag with new Jersey till 1674 when the British shared their flag with all of their colonies

What are the meanings on the New York flag?

The flag of the State of New York is the state's coat of arms on a blue

What does New York state flag stand for?

New york state

What does the New York flag stand for?

The flag of the State of New York is the state's coat of arms on a blue background.

Why do you have a state flag New York?

Every state has a State Flag that represents themselves. The state of New York passed a resolution to adopt their State Flag in 1788.

How did the state flag of New York become the state flag?

because it was

Can you show me the flag for England and New York?

show me flag of england

When was the New York flag adopted?

in 1909

Who is the goddess Liberty?

she is on the New york flag

How do you draw the new york flag?

Trace It.

When was the new york state flag adopted?

well, the first state flag was adopted in 1779-1901. 2day, the new york flag was adopted in 1902-2011, the year rite now. :)

When was the state flag of New York adopted?

1788It was adopted as the national flag in 1778.

What is it illegal to pawn in New York?

The American Flag.

What year was the New York flag found?


What year is on the New York City flag?

It is 1625.

Why did New York pick the flag?

The stars are for the states

What are the color's of New York flag?

The background and primary color of the New York flag is blue. It also features yellow, red, brown, green, white, and black.

What does the flag of New York look like? State flag of New York

What is the flag of York?

The Flag of York.

What is the history for the Flag of New York?

land marks are things

What does the symbol on the new york flag represent?

poo and pee