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Niall said that he would rather do Blondes instead of Brunettes, but he said that it really wouldn't matter as long as they are nice and meet his expectations

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What style of hair does Niall Horan like on a girl?

He likes girls that are blondes and brunettes but he can't decide which is his favorite.

Does Niall Horan like blonde's?

Yes & brunettes. :)

Does Niall from 1 direction like Brunettes?

He likes both blondes and brunettes. It was said in an interview.

Does Niall Horan like brunettes?

he prefers gold hair with pink highlights, like Tree Smith.

If blondes are dumb what are brunettes?

if blondes are dumb, brunettes are intelligent+alsoBEAUTIFUL. i dont really like stereotypes tbh anyway lolz xx

Do men like blondes more then brunettes?

only if the blondes have big boobs and most blondes ar hot

Why do men like blondes more than brunettes?

There is no evidence to say that men prefer blondes more than brunettes. It is a matter of personal preference.

Does Justin Bieber like brunettes?

Yesss! Justin does very much like brunettes as much as he loves blondes.

Which hair colour do one direction like?

Harry dosent have a prefrence although he has dated mostly blondes Liam, zayn, louis and niall all prefer brunettes.

Does harry styles like blondes or brunette a?

he says he likes brunettes but hes dated mostly blondes

Does Niall Horan like red hair on girls?

No not really anyways he said he likes either blonde/brunettes their both very nice in the interviews.... hoped it helped

Does Bill Kaulitz like blondes or brunettes?

He doesn't have a preference, none of them do.

Does Austin Mahone like like blondes or brunettes?

He likes both, but I believe he likes Blondes just a tad bit more(:

Does Niall Horan like brunette's?

Yes, Niall likes a brunette.

Are there more blondes or brunettes?

It really depends on the location. In western societies like Australia there are lots of blondes, but in Asia, Europe and England there a lots more of brunettes. Brunettes are the best look too, which add to that because it looks good with anything.

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