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Yes the Nintendo 3DS xl does have a camera.


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The 3DS XL is not one of the prizes on Club Nintendo. You cannot get a 3DS XL from Club Nintendo.

Yes, the 3DS XL can play Nintendo 3DS games

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS LL is the Japanese name for the Nintendo 3DS XL

Yes, they will since the 3DS XL is a 3DS.

No. The Nintendo 3DS XL is slightly smaller than the Nintendo DSi XL

I think it's the Nintendo 3DS XL.

No, the Nintendo 3DS XL is slightly smaller than the DSi XL

No, the 3DS XL is slightly smaller than the DSi XL

The Nintendo DSI, DSI XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL, and 2DS all take pictures

3DS games cannot be played on a DS lite. You need a console from the 3DS family - 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS, New 3DS XL.

No, as it lacks a camera. The DSi, DSi XL and 3DS do have a camera and can take pictures.

Shigeru Miyamoto is the director of Nintendo so he is most likly to have created the Nintendo 3DS XL.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is a Nintendo 3DS game that can be played on any of the Nintendo 3DS Family Consoles and those are: Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS (as well as the 3DS XL and 2dS) has its own 3DS games that will not work for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DSi XL.

The MSRP for the Nintendo 3DS consoles, excluding bundles, in Canada are as follows: Nintendo 2DS: $119.99 Nintendo 3DS: $169.99 Nintendo 3DS XL: $199.99 new Nintendo 3DS XL: $229.99 Prices are as of October 2015.

yes you can use it on nintendo 3DS only if it say you can use it on nintendo 3ds this website is one of ones can use in on nintendo 3ds and nintendo 3ds xl as well with nintendo dsi, nintendo dsi xl, nintendo ds you can buy it from this website.

No, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are only for the Nintendo 3DS family. This includes the:- Nintendo 3DS- Nintendo 3DS XL/LL- Nintendo 2DS- New Nintendo 3DS- New Nintendo 3DS XL/LL

Yes you can use almost anything on the Nintendo 3ds XL

Nintendo currently has no plans to make an XL version of the 3DS.

the Nintendo that has the camera is the Nintendo 3ds or Nintendo dsi

Yes, the 3DS are backwards compatible.

Yes, all Nintendo 3DS variants can play Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi games.The Nintendo 3DS family includes:- Nintendo 3DS- Nintendo 3DS XL (LL)- Nintendo 2DS- new Nintendo 3DS- new Nintendo 3DS XL (LL)

there is not confirmation that there will be a 3DS XL or Lite, but i thing i read about 3DS lite somewhere.

No, neither the original DS nor the DS lite have cameras. The DSi, XL and 3DS do though.

Yes and no.The games you are able to play in your DS XL can also be played in your 3DS, but they will not be in 3D. The 3DS games can only be played in your 3DS, and not in your DS XL (or any previous model) at all.

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