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It depends on what you are using. You can't use the same stylus or case along with the carrier. You can however use you headphones, charger, memory cards, and games.


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It will fit, but it will not work on the Nintendo 3DS

The memory cards are the same, but no, you can't fit a 3DS game into a DSi, it is specially made to not fit, as a DSi cannot run a 3DS game anyway.

Yes, the Nintendo 3DS will play NDS and NDSi games

No, you cannot play 3DS games on a NDSi or NDS

M3i Zero Compatible with 3DS, DS , DSl, DSi, DSi XL/LL.Latest M3i Zero firmware GMP-Z003 updated on August 26th, it support Nintendo 3DS V2.1.0-4U/E and DSi V1.4.3 now.

Yes, a Nintendo 3ds is required to play Nintendo 3ds titles. The cartridges themselves will not fit into a DS, DS Lite, DSi, or DSi XL because of a small tab jutting out from the side of each game cartridge.

If they were specially designed for the 3DS, no. There is a small tab jutting out of the side of 3DS games making them unplayable on a DSi. Even if you could fit the cards into a DSi, they would not work because they use 3D technology the DSi cannot utilize. DSi games will be playable on the 3DS though.

No. 3DS game cards have a small tab on the side, so they don't fit into the Nintendo DS or the Nintendo DSi. Even without the tab, 3DS game cards will have much more data and better graphics on them than DS cards. The technology is too advanced for the Nintendo DS and DSi so the other DS systems would not be able to run them.

No, 3DS games will only work in a 3DS.

No. DSI skins are small and could get stuck in side the 3DS. So DONT'T DO IT!!!!! :)

yes a dsi charger fits a dsi XL and a dsi XL fits the dsi

No, a DSi is not powerful enough to run a 3DS game, and 3DS cartridges are specially shaped so they will not fit into anything but a 3DS.

No, the DSi has its own, separate charger.

No, the DS lite charger will not fit. You'd need at least the DSi/DSi XL charger which is the same as the 3DS one.

no u cant a dsi cant fit in a ds case i tried a dsi is bigger than a ds

Most games, I believe. But, The Guitar HeroTM games do NOT fit the DSi.

Yes the 3DS and DS lite are the same size

no a dsi is smaller than a ds

No, because the 3DS games have a special shape that can't fit in the DS or DSi

It won't fit in a DS or a DSi, there is a tab on the 3DS game to stop it.

No, because Nintendo put a little stub on the 3DS cartridges, so when you put in the DS slot it doesn't fit. Also, if the stub wasn't there, the DS wouldn't be able to handle the 3DS' graphics and wont load the 3D effect of 3DS games on a standard DS or even DSi.

The SD card provided inside a 3DS is a regular SD card and will work in the DSi or any other device that uses SD cards.

yes but it will not fit in the slot!

it is the same thing as the dsi but bigger screens and size and it won't fit in your pocket

No. the 3ds games have a tab on them so that they do not fit into another ds, if it went in, the game might break the dsi.

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