Does Ohio have a state dinosaur?


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No the state of Ohio does not have a dinosaur.

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Arizona has not decided on a state dinosaur.

Kansas has no state fossil or state dinosaur. However, birds are a type of dinosaur, and Kansas's state bird is the Western Meadowlark.

Coelophysis is the state dinosaur of New Mexico.

Nevada doesn't have a state dinosaur. Very few states do.

Virginia doesn't have a state dinosaur, and its state fossil is a scallop called Chesapecten jeffersonius. However, birds are dinosaurs, so if you count the state bird, the state dinosaur is the cardinal.

Tennessee doesn't have a state dinosaur, but its state fossil is Pterotrigonia thoracica, a type of bivalve. If you count birds as a subgroup of dinosaurs, then the state bird is a state dinosaur, and Tennessee's state bird is the bobwhite quail.

Dinosaur Valley State Park was created in 1972.

Ohio State University and "The Ohio State University" are the same place. Ohio State University wanted to do something to distance itself from all the other universities in Ohio, and especially from any university that has Ohio in its name such as the following: Ohio College of Pediatric Medicine Ohio Northern University Ohio Dominican University Ohio University (Athens + 6 auxiliary campuses throughout Southeast Ohio) Ohio Wesleyan University Another reason to do this is that Ohio has many state funded Universities. For example Cleveland State, Kent State, Wright State (Dayton), Youngstown State are all Ohio state universities. Ohio State University wanted to separate itself from being just another "Ohio State University" and become "THE Ohio State University"

Triceratops was designated as the official State Dinosaur of Wyoming on March 18, 1994.

nothing because dinosaur dont exsists

The Ohio State University is located in Columbus, Ohio.

There are no dinosaur bones found in Ohio, because the strata of rock in which dinosaurs would be found has been eroded away. Therefore, the fossil-bearing rock strata we have in Ohio are older than those strata which would have had dinosaurs in it.

Stegosaurus became the state dinosaur of Colorado in 1982. Stegosaurus probably was chosen as the state dinosaur because it was discovered in Colorado, and it's an extremely famous type of dinosaur.

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Ohio is a Buckeye state.

The state that border Ohio to the south is the state of Kentucky. The state that borders Ohio to the east is Pennsylvania.

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The Ohio Buckeye is the official state tree of Ohio.

The Ohio State University is located in Columbus, Ohio.

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