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she does have tattoos

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Who is Otep Shamaya?

Otep Shamaya is the lead singer of the metal group OTEP.

When was Otep Shamaya born?

Otep Shamaya was born on November 7, 1979.

How old is Otep Shamaya?

Otep Shamaya is 32 years old (birthdate: November 7, 1979).

Was otep shamaya abused?

Yes! Otep Shamaya was sexually abused pretty much everyday as a child by her father.

Is Otep Shamaya a lesbian?

Yes Otep is a lesbian. She is very open about it.

What is Otep Shamaya's birthday?

Otep Shamaya was born on November 7, 1979.

What is The lead singers name from otep?

Shanon Shamaya

Where does otep live?

Otep Shamaya lives in Los Angeles,California.She has lived there her entire life.

What is otep?

Otep is a Metal band that was formed in 2000. The lead singer's name is Otep Shamaya. They are one of my favorite bands. I am going to see them in Columbus on Friday.

What actors and actresses appeared in Otep Live Confrontation Concert Documentary - 2009?

The cast of Otep Live Confrontation Concert Documentary - 2009 includes: Otep Shamaya

Name of band with girl screamer?

Otep is a band with a girl screamer named Otep Shamaya. Arch Enemy is one. I Wrestled A Bear Once

Is otep shamaya godless or christian?

Otep Shamaya is a Taoist.Which means she is spiritually involved with nature and believes that nature is her god,not person.She has also said that art is her god and music is her religion.But she claims that her official "religion" is Taoism.Taoism isn't considered a religion by many though.

What movie and television projects has Otep Shamaya been in?

Otep Shamaya has: Played herself in "Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry" in 2002. Played Vogue in "The Thirst" in 2006. Played herself in "Mulatschag" in 2006. Played herself in "Spread Entertainment" in 2007. Performed in "Otep Live Confrontation Concert Documentary" in 2009. Played The Infected in "The Last of Us" in 2013.

Is there a girl heavy metal band?

Otep Shamaya !!! or Kittie and Octavia are female bands. Arch Enemy and My Ruin are bands with female singers. Also Elena Seigman... her songs include: 115 and Abracadavre... hope this helped :D

Who are the the members of otep?

Otep Shamaya - Vocals (2000-present)"Evil"J.McGuire- Bass (2000-present)Rob Petterson - Guitar (2001-2004, 2009-present)Mark "Moke" Bistany - Drums (2000-2003, 2009-present)

What is every song by the band Otep?

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What is otep shamaya's real name?

otep shamaya is her stage name that was used when she started out in Austin TX. When she moved to Los Angeles she kept it. Her real birth name is Shannon Michelle Atchley. She was born 11/7/1969 in Texas. She sometimes uses the last name Baty after her step father who she thinks of as her 'real' dad.

Who is better ACDC or Otep?

Otep is better.

When was Otep created?

Otep was created in 2000.

What is Otep's sexual orientation?

Yes,Otep Shamaya is a lesbian.Rumors have stated that she doesnt like men because of the fact that she was raped and molested by her father when she was younger,and that the thought of a penis makes her physically ill.She is one of few female metal musicians that are openly homosexual.

How do you get you touch with Otep?

The best way to get in touch with Otep is through her blog I Am Not a Monster.

When was The Ascension - Otep album - created?

The Ascension - Otep album - was created on 2007-10-30.

How do you say death from above in Aramaic?

Mitha Mina Shamaya

Why did Evil J leave Otep?

because he could

Is the band Otep a satanic band?

no they said music is there god