Does Palestine belong to the Muslims or the Jews?

If you're referring to the entire area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, you're about seventy years out of date. It's Israel, not Palestine.If, however, you're speaking about the Palestinian areas specifically, some of the land has in any case been ceded by the Israelis to the Palestinians, in whole or in part. In general, that is a matter for negotiation.

As to the principle itself, it may be noted that:

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  1. God promised the land to the Israelites many times.
  2. Jews have had a continuous presence in Israel for over 3300 years. Of that time, the Jews were a majority in the land for around 1900 years.
  3. The Muslims' Qur'an clearly states that Israel belongs to the Jews.
  4. Israel is more than willing to get along with the Palestinians and to come to some negotiated arrangement. However, it must be realistic since its citizens are under constant threat and attack. Areas which have been handed over to Palestinians, have been used to stage these attacks.
  5. Israel is more concerned for the citizens of those who attack it, than are the attackers themselves. While far from perfect, its treatment of civilians is better than that of any other country in the region.