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Yes Pluto definitely has gravitational pull. Anything with mass exerts gravitational pull. Even you are ever so slightly pulling upward on the Earth. Even subatomic particles have gravitational pull.

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Does Pluto have a weak gravitational pull?

It depends on what you compare it with. Compared to any of the planets, Pluto has a weak gravitational pull. Compared to other Kuiper Belt object, Pluto has a strong gravitational pull.

What is the gravitational pull of Pluto compared to the gravitational pull of the Earth?


Does Pluto have a stronger gravitational pull than the moon?

No. Pluto is actually smaller then Our Moon, Therefor Less gravitational Pull.

What is gravitational pull factor of Pluto?


Why would you be light on Pluto?

Pluto has a much lower gravitational pull than the Earth does.

Did the sun's gravitational pull take Pluto from another solar system?

i don't see how that is possible, unless the solar sytem next to us had it's sun explode. fling Pluto into our gravitational pull.

Is Pluto the same size as a astoried?

Pluto is actually a large asteroid that has been captured in the sun's gravitational pull.

Why do you weigh more on earth then on Pluto?

You weigh more on Earth than on Pluto because Earth has a higher gravitational pull than Pluto does.

Why is there a discussion over whether Pluto should be a planet?

Pluto is a moon because it doesnt have enough gravitational pull to be a planet

Why is the level of gravity different on pluto than earth?

The amount of gravity you get is dependent on the size of the planet/object. Pluto's gravitational pull is much less than that of Earth due to Pluto being much lighter.Earth has a much greater mas than Pluto does.Pluto is a smaller planet and has less of a gravitational pull

what Pluto, the dwarf planet, is 5.9 billion kilometers from the Sun. Explain how a model showing the gravitational pull on Pluto would differ from your model of Earthโ€™s orbit.?

The distance between the Sun and Earth is 149,600,000 kilometers, and the distance between the Sun and Pluto is 5.9 billion kilometers. The gravitational pull decreases with an increase in distance. So, the gravitational pull of the Sun on Pluto is much less than its pull on Earth. So, in the model, Pluto’s orbit would have a much larger radius than Earth’s orbit.

Does Pluto have gravity?

Every single object has gravity, the larger an object the greater the gravitational pull

Why do objects weigh more on the Earth than Pluto?

Because Earth has a stronger gravitational pull.

What is the gravitational field of Pluto?

the gravitational field of Pluto is 3.761n/kg

If an apple has a mass of 1kg what is its weight?

well depends what planet you are on the basic formulae is as follows weight = mass X gravitational field (gravitational pull) on each planet so depending on what planet you wish to know ill put int the answer . Mercury gravitational pull is 3.7 so its 3.7kg Venus gravitational pull is 8.8 so its 8.8kg Earth gravitational pull is 9.8 so its 9.8kg Mars gravitational pull is 3.7 so its 3.7kg Jupiter gravitational pull is 23.2 so its 23.2kg Saturn gravitational pull is 9.0 so its 9kg Uranus gravitational pull is 8.7 so its 8.7kg Neptune gravitational pull is 11.1 so its 11.1kg Pluto gravitational pull is 0.6 600g

Does the planet Pluto have an atmosphere what gases are present in the atmosphere?

No. The dwarf planet Pluto is much too small to be able to capture gas by gravitational pull.

Are there hills on the planet Pluto?

No, because its jut rock and ice with a gravitational pull. It has the odd crag but no hills.

Does Pluto have a stronger gravitational pull as compared to Jupiter?

No. Jupiter's gravity is much stronger than Pluto's

Which Venus or Pluto has longer orbit explain why?

Pluto has a longer orbit because it is much further from the Sun than Venus and the Sun's gravitational pull is much weaker.

Do the space shuttle have enough fuel to fly to Pluto?

Theoretically yes - although it won't have enough to return. Once out of the gravitational pull of the Earths gravity and a couple of gravitational assists from other planets, a shuttle could make it to Pluto and beyond.

What is the gravitational pull on planet Pluto?

The surface gravity is slight- you could jump over a building if there was one on Pluto.The surface gravity on Pluto is 0.067g (Earth has 1g, our Moon 0.164gthe "surface gravity" is s

Why would a person weigh less on Pluto compared to the earth?

Due to the mass or size of Pluto compared to Earth, about 2/3 the size of our moon, the gravitational pull of Pluto is greatly weaker than Earth's.

Why do you weight more on earth than you would on Pluto?

"Weight" is the measure of how strongly the planet pulls on you. The earth has greater mass than Pluto so it has a stronger gravitational pull on you.

Is Pluto out of the solar system?

Pluto can be located in the region of the kuiper belt objects (KBO's). It is still considered to be within the Solar System as the Sun's gravitational pull still has an influence on it.

Why planet Pluto is not included anymore in the solar system?

It has no core. The other planets keep it in the gravitational pull. Pluto was found to be nothing more than a floating rock and ice.