Does President of US need passport?

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Yes, he needs a passport, but it's not like everyone else's. The president of the United States, his immediate family, certain top officials, and diplomatic personnel are issued diplomatic passports, which have a black cover and for which the bearer doesn't have to pay a passport fee. When the president travels, a team of people, usually from the State Department, coordinate the paperwork of the trip and hold onto the president's passport. After the president emerges from Air Force One, waves to the crowd, and gets in his limo, he doesn't then stand in line at customs. The State Department employees take his passport, and those of the others in his entourage, through the host country's customs procedures.
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Do Canadians need a passport to fly to the US?

As of June 1, 2009, all Canadians entering the United States by land or sea will require a valid passport, with some exceptions for specialized travel documents. As of June of 2009 U.S. Citizens WILL NEED a US passport to get back INTO the USA, from Canada.

Do you need a passport to enter Canada from the US?

Answer . As of July 2008 - Not for a US citizen, just a birth certificate and a government issued photo ID, such as a driver's license.. Other nationalities are required to have a passport.. no. you'll need a government issued photo id. you will need your birth certificate also to get back into ( Full Answer )

When do Canadians need a passport to fly to the US?

New Passport Requirements . Effective January 23, 2007, all persons flying to the US from Canada will be required to have either a passport, Air Nexus card, or one of several other documents to enter the US. See the following link for more information: ( Full Answer )

Do you need a passport to go from the US to Canada?

No, not currently. I live in Detroit, and to cross into Canada, you MUST have a original US birth certificate AND a photo Drivers License.. However, there is legislation that takes effect in June 2009 , that will make a US passport mandatory for travel to Canada., AND to get back INTO the USA.. Ji ( Full Answer )

Do need passport drive from Canada to us?

From Passport Canada Website:. Land and sea travel to the United States . As of January 31, 2008, Canadians entering the United States by land and marine ports of entry will be required to present:. a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's licence AND a birth certificate or a citizenshi ( Full Answer )

Do you need a passport to enter US from Mexico?

As of March 2010, all U.S. citizens must present valid passport documentation. If you're arriving in the U.S. by air, then a passport book is required. If you're arriving by land or sea, another form of passport documentation, such as a passport card or enhanced driver's license, will suffice.

Do you need a passport from the US to the Bahamas?

On January 23, 2007, new US government regulations took effect which will require all adults and children (even newborns) to have a valid passport for all international travel by air. This requirement will be extended to sea travel (except closed loop cruises), including ferry service, by the summer ( Full Answer )

Do US residents need passports?

Requirements for a passport depend on where and how you're planning to travel. If you plan to travel from the United States by air and you are a US citizen, you will need a passport to gain re-entry to this country (and to enter a different country). If you're planning to travel by ship, for exam ( Full Answer )

Do infants need a us passport?

Yes, infants need passports, even newborns. Also both parents must sign the forms. . Your baby may be small, but he'll still need a passport to travel internationally. Because the process can take six weeks or more, it's important that you apply for your infant's passport as soon as you know you'll ( Full Answer )

Do you need a passport to travel from the US to Jamaica?

From the Frommer's website: U.S. and Canadian residents do not need passports but must have proof of citizenship (or permanent residency) and a return or ongoing ticket. A passport is the best bet, but an original birth certificate (or a certified copy) plus photo ID will usually suffice. Read mo ( Full Answer )

When will you need a passport to enter the US?

When you are not a citizen of the USA a passport is usually required to enter the US.. However, for many years citizens of the USA, Canada and several other western hemisphere countries did not need a passport to enter the US. Because of increased security procedures, even US citizens must have a p ( Full Answer )

Do you need a passport to cruise to Mexico from the US?

If you are a US citizen, you will not need a passport for travel by sea to Mexico (and also the Caribbean and Canada) until June 2009. If your cruise begins and ends in the same US port, you will not need a passport even after this date.. Required documentation is a certified birth certificate ( Full Answer )

When do we need passports from US to Canada?

The Canadian government does not requires US residants to present a passport when entering Canada and the US government does not require a passport for its residants when returning to the US. However, the US government does now require passports for Canadians entering the US but they are not require ( Full Answer )

When do you need your passports from US to Canada?

Answer. Since 9/11 President Bush has gone a bit overboard in his wants on who enters The United States, so in keeping with policy the Canadian Government has decided to follow his lead and deny people who don't have passports.

Holding US Passport and need another?

Depends on your reasons. The US State department is flexible in certain cituations, and you'll need to explain your purpose. Example: You've been sent by your employer to work in Israel and now you wish to travel to Saudi Arabia on holiday. Under that scenario, the US normally issues a new passport ( Full Answer )

What documents are needed to get a us passport?

\nBirth certificate, U.S. citizen verification papers, and I think after that you just fill in stuff. But don't be sure about my answer....go ask a person at the post office. That's where they did my passport. I got my first when I was 10.. \nBirth certificate, U.S. citizen verification papers, and ( Full Answer )

When do you need passports from Canada to US?

\nPassports are asked for in all cases when traveling from Canada to the US, both\nat the vehicle border crossings and at the airports.\n. \nHowever, technically the law requiring a person to have a passport is not in place\nbecause US Congress has not mandated it for US citizens visiting Canada.\n ( Full Answer )

Do you need a passport to cross in US from Canada?

Yes, you do, because it is a different country.. --. No, Canadians going to the US for visiting purposes only need proof of Canadian citizenship to visit the US.. No. Americans do not need a passport to enter Canada. I've been there many times without a passport, and it's the same for Canadian na ( Full Answer )

Do you need a passport to get into Winnipeg from the US?

Travel documents required for US citizens going to Canada and returning to the US: . Passport requirement laws have undergone changes in many countries since 9/11, and Canada and the US are among them. If you are planning travel by air to any country, the Airlines may have additional requiremen ( Full Answer )

Do you need a passport to go to England from the US?

Yes.. Also: The passport must be valid for the entire length of the visit. US passport holders will receive (at no cost) an automatic visa from the UK immigration officials during the arrival procedures.

Do you need a passport from the US to the Dominican Republic?

You do need a passport to travel to the Dominican Republic. However the US Department of State highly urges not to travel there due to significant unrest in the country as well as a high rate of crime against US visitors. If you do decide to travel there they request that you register your trip with ( Full Answer )

Do you need passport to cross US border?

Yes, basically. You now need either a valid passport or a special frequent traveler pass to cross the US border into or out of Mexico or Canada.

Do you need a passport for entry into US?

Yes, any travelling done between two different countries requires you to have a valid passport. Please visit your local embassy/consulate for additional visa requirements you may need for your country's passport.

Do you need a us passport to go into Mexico?

U.S. citizens do not need a passport to enter Mexico by land or sea . The Mexican officials at the border do not ask for any identification from you. On your return home, the U.S. officials would like you to carry a current passport but they can't obligate you to do so. Hundreds of people cross ( Full Answer )

Need to return to US and dont have passport?

Find your nearest embassy, immediately. They can get you a replacement passport within hours, at a fee of course. I had to do this once, when in Austria - they are very helpful and will get you taken care of.

Do you need a passport to visit Nigeria from US?

Both a passport and visa are required to enter Nigeria. You will also need a passport to re-enter the US (and Nigeria will check your visa upon departure as well).. If you're not familiar with the distinction: a passport is issued by the country of which you are a citizen, and documents your identi ( Full Answer )

What do you need to get a us passport?

You can go on-line to the US State Department or the US Postal Service and they will list what documents you need to obtain a passport. Also, you can get the passport forms on-line, fill them out and take them to the post office, some post offices also will take your passport photo there. They mail ( Full Answer )

Do you need a Mexican passport to fly in the us?

If you're a Mexican citizen you need a Mexican passport with the appropiate expensive (and often hard to get) US visa inside in order to enter the USA legally. Is that what fly in means? If you mean do you need your Mexican passport for domestic flights within the USA I think I read somewhere tha ( Full Answer )

Do need a passport to enter the US from Tijuana?

Yes, you now need a passport to enter the United States from the Mexican border in Tijuana. This is due to a new National Security Act that says all Americans must carry a passport when going to Canada, Mexico, or the Bahamas.

Do you need a passport when you leave the US?

yes More importantly you need a passport to return to the US with certain exceptions. In particular you need a passport if you are returning by air.

Do you need a passport in the US to go on a cruise?

If you are leaving the United States, then the answer is yes,because you must show that you are a legal citizen of the USA, andthat if you commit crime it is the USA's responsibility, and notthe country that your going to.

Do you need a us passport to go to Guam?

Depends. If you are flying from Honolulu, you do not need apassport. However, Since Guam is technically part of the UnitedStates, you do need to show proof that you are from the US. (PhotoID, Drivers License, etc.) If you are flying from a foreigncountry, you will need to go through Customs.

Where do you need a US passport?

Out of the country if flying you only need proper ID for domestic but out of country (Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico) you need passport.

Do your baby needs a passport to fly in us?

No. You don't normally need a passport except when entering or leaving a country (There may be countries that require internal passports, but if you live in one, you already know about it.) If you are traveling outside your home country and HAVE a passport, you should always keep it with you in ca ( Full Answer )