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Does Queen Elizabeth II consider it an insult when women refuse to curtsey as did Nancy Regan?

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Why did Elizabeth refuse to marry the Earl of Leicester?

she didn't like him

What is the definition of the Latin or Greek root word Nego from reading the clues in this sentence If you negate my answer you consider it untrue?

If you negate my answer, you consider it untrue. The root word, nego, means deny, refuse.If you deny or refuse to accept my answer, you consider it untrue!

Why did Elizabeth refuse to keep the catholic religion?

she didn't refuse to keep the catholic religion she made the religion Even and protestants went to a different church to prayer.

What hindus think about harming animals?

They refuse to eat cows- they consider them sacred, or holy.

Is to refuse an offer really an insult?

In some countries, such as Japan, not accepting something that has been offered to you is a great insult. i don't think so... refusing an offer doesn/t always mean that you are insulting the person... it's just the way how the person interpret your action... ^_^

In Pride and Prejudice how does Elizabeth react when Mr Collins proposes to Charlotte Lucas?

Elizabeth expected Charlotte to refuse Mr.Collins , but when she hears that Charlotte accepted him , she is at first angry and hurt . But then later on she confronts Charlotte and pleads with her to refuse him , but Charlotte is determined to marry Mr.Collins , if not for love , then ateast for her personal security.

Why did Princess Elizabeth refuse to marry a Catholic man?

There are dozens of different princess Elizabeths. Many did marry Catholic men.

Why did Mr Collins think Elizabeth rejected his marriage proposal?

She did refuse his marriage proposal. She tells him that she is flattered but that she cannot marry him.

What is the present tense of refuse?

Refuse is present tense.I refuseWe refuseYou refuseHe/she refusesThey refuse

Why did king george the third refuse to consider the colonists declaration?

Because King George the 3rd was still mad about the colonists protesting.

Why did the Giants refuse to play the Boston Red Sox?

I presume you mean after the 1904 season. NY Giants manager John McGraw viewed the American League as so inferior to his own league that he considered it an insult to play them.

Why did elizabeth refuse to marry Prince Philip?

Because Phillip was previously married to her half sister, Mary. Phillip just wanted to be in good relations with England, and take over England after Elizabeth had died. She was quite clever and refused to marry him.

Why does Elizabeth refuse darcy's proposal?

Elizabeth had just learned that Darcy had separated Jane and Bingley from marrying, and he hadn't denied it. He was also constantly alluding to how rude her family is, which offended her, and of course, Wickham had lied to her that Darcy was an extremely cruel person.

What is a sentence with the word refuse in it?

I refuse to love you. Refuse the bad idea!

What is the homograph for refuse?


What is a sentence with the word refuse?

I have the right to refuse to serve you.I refuse to follow your advise.The refuse was thrown into the landfill.

Why did Quenn Elizabeth authorise the killing of Mary Queen of Scots?

she and a man called Anthony Babington had been sending secret messages to each other but the messages had really gone to Mary's protector Francis waisingham and he had show Elizabeth but she did not believe him so he showed the parliament and Elizabeth could not refuse so she got executed.

Is the word refuse a noun or a verb?

Refuse can be a noun OR a verb. Refuse is a verb when you use it as an action. This kind of refuse is defined as "to indicate or show that one is not willing to do something." Example: I refuse to go to that movie. Refuse is a noun when you refer to a pile of trash (synonym for refuse).

Can an apartment complex refuse to rent an apartment to you if you have filed for bankruptcy in the state of Florida?

Yes, an apartment complex can refuse to rent an apartment to you if you have bad credit. A bankruptcy alone will not stop you from being approved or disapproved from an apartment, they will consider your overall credit score and credit history.

Can you refuse a drug test?

If you are on probation or parole or have a job that requires you to do so , no you can not refuse. any situation other than that refuse you can refuse.

Give you a sentence using the word 'refuse'?

"The supervisor wondered if the sanitation engineer would refuse to pick up the refuse."

Can you make a sentence with the word refuse?

You should not refuse to do something that your parents tell you to do

Is refuse a verb a noun or an adjective?

The word 'refuse' is a verb, a noun, and an adjective.Examples:I refuse to compromise. (verb)I throw away my refuse. (noun)I toss my trash in a refuse bin. (adjective)

Why does Elizabeth feel she has to dance with Mr Darcy in 'Pride and Prejudice'?

AnswerThe reason why Elizabeth felt obligated to dance with Mr. Darcy was for propriety's sake. In that era it was generally thought rude to refuse an offer to dance. AnswerThe first time Darcy asks Lizzy to dance she refuses. The second time he asks she says she will and regrets it. From her conversation with Charlotte Lucas, it is clear that she accepted because she could not think of a good excuse to refuse.

What did George Washington refuse to do?

He refuse to be the king.

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