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Q: Does Railey's accept EBT cards
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Does wegmans accepts ebt cards?

yes they do accept ebt cards

Does Wegmans accept EBT cards?

yes they do accept ebt cards

Does Costco in Maryland accept EBT cards?

Costco does not accept EBT cards.

Will Costco accept EBT cards in Las Vegas NV?

Yes they accept EBT cards

Does Tom Thumb accept ebt cards?

does tom thumb grocery store accept ebt cards

What restaurant in Shreveport Louisiana that accept ebt cards?

No restaurants accept Ebt.

Does Safeway accept EBT cards?

yes, safeway does accept ebt (foodstamps)

Does Trader Joe's's accept ebt cards?

Yes all locations accept EBT

Which store accept ebt card?

are lunds store accept the ebt cards

Does fresh and easy accept ebt cards?

We accept cash, most major credit cards and electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards

Does Target accept EBT cards?

Yes, most Target stores accept EBT but not all of them.

What stores in Maryland accept EBT cards?

== ==

Does Ralph's accept ebt cards?

Yes they do

Does CVS accept ebt cards?


Does the fresh market accept ebt cards?


Does sprouts accept ebt cards?

Yes they do.

Does el pollo loco accept ebt cards?

Yes <--- wrong. el pollo loco DOESNOT accept ebt cards in california.

Does Trader joes accept EBT cards?

Yes they do accept EBT, they started doing it a couple of months ago.

Does quick trip accept EBT cards?

I know that the Quik Trip in Watkinsville, Ga takes EBT cards.

Does Sam's Club accept EBT cards?

yes they do..

Does the target in gateway mall accept ebt cards?

No it does not.

Does in and out burger accept ebt cards?

No. You can NOT use an Ebt card to buy hot food.

Does woodmans markets accept ebt cards?

Yes, Woodman's stores in WI accept EBT cards.

Are EBT cards accepted at Harris Teeter?

Most large grocery store chains these days accept the use of EBT cards. It's smaller, local stores that don't. Harris Teeter does accept the use of EBT cards.

What fast food restaurants in Ohio accept ebt cards?

EBT cards can not be used at fast food restaurants in Ohio. EBT cards can only be used on food in grocery stores.