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Does Randy Orton have a child by lita?


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No Randy Orton does not have a child with Lita

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RANDY ORTON IS SOOOOOO GAY Randy Orton is not gay he is married and his wife and he are expecting a child.

Yes, Randy Orton does have a child. Randy and his wife, Samantha, welcomed their first child, Alanna Marie Orton, on July 12, 2008.

yes A six man with it was john cena,carlito,trish stratus vs randy orton edge and lita

Yes. Samantha already had his child (Alanna Marie Orton) on July 12, 2008

Randy Orton Has One Child With his Wife Samantha Speno. Their Daughters Name is Alanna Marie Orton Born on July 12, 2008

No He Is Happily Married To Samantha Orton And Has 1 Child With Her . But To Answer Your Question HE WAS NEVER With Maria

randy orton is not a jerk. he gets payed to be a jerk on tv off camera he is VERY nice and sweet. Randy Orton is married. He married Samantha Speno, they were married on September 21, 2007. They have a daughter born July 12, 2008 Correction: Samantha divorced Randy in July 2014

Randy Orton is not retired.

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No, Randy Orton did not die.

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Randy Orton is a WWE Wrestling Superstar.

No Randy Orton did NOT die.

The randy Orton smack is RKO

Randy Orton is married to Alexia Orton. Randy Orton's wife isn't named Alexia. Her name is Samantha.

Randy Orton is married to Samatha Speno Orton

If you are talking about Randy Orton, his daughters name is Alana Marie Orton, that is the only child he has.

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