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No he doesn't

-Yes He Does, The WWE Knows He Does. Wikipeda Has a Articel on it About Him. Just Look Randy Orton up


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No, this is fake there just trying to intertain us but orton does not injure women and he does have the disorder he said he did

Yes, he claimed he did, about 4-5 months ago on RAW, when he started attacking members of the McMahons and then told everyone it is because he has an anger problem called IED (intermittent explosive disorder). No, Randy Orton does not have IED.

He has no real disorder. Simply part of the storyline.

No Randy Orton did NOT die.

yes he has a herniated disk

Randy Orton only hears voices in WWE when he goes to that place in his head and then does an RKO!

Randy orton and after the match mark henry hurt Randy really badly.

Randy Orton has a disease where he is not in control of some of his actions. Thats all storyline, Randy really suffers from hypermobile shoulders

Scott-Danylson Orton Clarence Omarion Orton Cody Orton Matthew Orton Charlie Orton Fass Orton Damon Orton

Batista is really mad at Randy Orton because Randy put Batista on the shelf for about 4 months, from January 09 to April 09. -Drew (a future wrestler)

It's a storyline. He does not really hate them.

Yes there really good friends!

Yes, they were married on September 21, 2007 and had a baby July 12, 2008 Alanna Marie Orton is her name

As of Feb. 20, 2008, Randy Orton does not have a myspace. If you find someone on myspace who says they are Randy Orton, DO NOT give them any personal information.i really don't think he does he a little smarter than that don't you think hoe's

Yes they really are they where roommates in the ovw.

No, he already has a wife named Samantha.

yes he acutually has anger management

As a matter of fact, YES, they are. the Orton family is/was very athletic. Kyle Orton is in the NFL, as Randy Orton is in the WWE, as his father, "Cowboy" Bob Orton was.

Yes he is because Randy Orton did the RKO on Stephanie McMahon! Feb 2009 NO it is just a storyline well da he is mad

ramdy orton and barry orton his father

There is no relationship between Randy Orton and Tiffany Orton, he has never ever heard of Tiffany Orton. He is married to Samantha.

he was knot he is suspended for using drugs

Randy Orton is married to Samatha Speno Orton

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