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Does Richard armitage wear glasses?

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When was Richard Armitage born?

Richard Armitage was born on August 22, 1971.

Is Richard Armitage related to Simon Armitage - Poet?


Does Richard armitage have kids?


When was Richard Armitage - politician - born?

Richard Armitage - politician - was born on 1945-04-26.

How old is Richard Armitage?

UK actor Richard Armitage is 45 years old (birthdate: August 22, 1971).

Does Richard armitage married?

No, he is not married.

Does Richard Armitage smoke?


What has the author Richard Armitage written?

Richard Armitage has written: 'Beginning Spanish' -- subject(s): Spanish language, Grammar, Readers

What is the sexual orientation of Richard Armitage?

There are 3 famous people with this name, and none of them have ever discussed their sexual orientations: Richard Armitage (agent) (born 1928, died 1986), English talent agent Richard Armitage (actor) (born 1971), English actor Richard Armitage (politician) (born 1945), American politician

How tall is Richard armitage?

6' 2"

Who plays Thorin in The Hobbit?

Richard Armitage

What has the author John James Richard Armitage written?

John James Richard Armitage has written: 'To Christian England' -- subject(s): Christian sociology

Does richard armitage have a wife?

Richard Armitage is a British actor who has starred in many television shows and recently played Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit franchise. He is unmarried.

What is Richard Armitage's birthday?

Richard Armitage was born on August 22, 1971.

Is lee pace dating Richard armitage?


Is Richard Armitage dating?

Richard Armitage is very secretive about his love life. There is nothing conclusive about his current relationship status, however there are rumors that he is dating Annabel Capper.

Who does the voice over for the sky hd advert?

Richard Armitage

Does Richard armitage have a girlfriend?

The last interview he gave he said he was in a relationship.

Did Gen Charles Cornwallis wear glasses?

no he did not wear glasses

Does Emma Watson wear glasses?

She doesn't wear glasses all the time, but she has got glasses.

Does Justin Bieber wear glasses?

Yes, Justin Bieber does wear glasses. His eyes are good but he does have to wear glasses unless he has in contacts

How much is Richard armitage gay?

We don't know. he's very private.

Does Sai in Naruto wear glasses if he did what episode?

Sai does not wear glasses.

Does Liam Payne wear glasses?

No Liam Payne does not wear glasses

Does Justin Timberlake wear glasses?

Yes, Justin Timberlake does wear glasses.