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Kind of. Guy Chambers, his co writer, stated that he alone (guy chambers) wrote all of the music for their collaborations. He stated that Williams only wrote lyrics. In truth, Williams has never written a song by himself, and always has a "co writer". Common sense dictates that this co writer writes all of the music, and he adds lyrics. Often record labels will put their stars in with their own song writers, to make them more respected as musicians. From what I've read, Williams, with his songs, has done little more than write lyrics, and chip in with a few ideas/changes

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Which songs did Robbie Williams write?

Robbie Williams is an English singer and songwriter who was a member of the group Take That. Some songs that were written or co-written by Williams are Angels, Shame, Candy, Come Undone, Different and Feel.

Did robbie Williams write angels?

Yes, with Guy Chambers

How many total songs did hank Williams sr write including published and unpublished?

Hank Williams Sr. wrote more than 200 songs and you can find a list of his songs at

Does Cody Simpson write his own songs?

Yes, he writes and co-writes all his songs by himself.

What were the hit songs that Elvis Presley wrote for himself?

he did not write music

Does Nick Jonas write the songs?

=Nick Jonas writes a few songs by himself.==But all three of the Jonas Brothers write all the rest.=

What songs did john williams write?

John Williams wrote the music to Star Wars, Jurrasic Park, E.T., and Jaws and Indiana Jones

What songs did Nick Jonas write by himself?

S.O.S., A Little Bit Longer

Do Paramore write all their songs by themself?

Paramore has some help, yet Hayley Williams and Josh Farro have written most of their previous songs.

How did Hayley Williams write her songs?

Hayley says she doesn't need to write about drugs, sex, money, etc. she doesn't need to swear just to appeal to an older audience. she likes to write her songs about real life problems.

Did Fred Rose write most of Hank Williams Sr. songs?

Hank wrote most of his own stuff, while Fred Rose may have helped write, or co-written some of the songs, his role along with Roy Acuff was a publisher of Hank Williams material.

What actors and actresses appeared in You Write the Songs - 1986?

The cast of You Write the Songs - 1986 includes: Catte Adams as Herself - Regular Sam Harris as Himself - Regular Kenny James as Himself - Regular Monica Pege as Herself - Regular Jaime Rogers as Himself - Choreographer Ben Vereen as Himself - Host

What songs did Otis blackwell write for Elvis Presley?

Elvis recorded the Otis Williams songs "Don't Be Cruel", "All Shook Up" and "Return to Sender."

What songs did Nick Jonas write alone?

"S.O.S" and "A Little Bit Longer" are two I know he wrote himself. He probably wrote some other songs by himself, but I don't know which ones they are.

Can bee famous but you can write a songs?

Yes you can be famous and not write songs. It is better to write songs. There are people who can write you songs or you can just buy them from people. Not all stars write their own songs.

How does Paramore write their songs?

Hayley Williams writes lyrics to the song, then Josh Farro writes music that goes with the words

What songs did Olly Murs write himself?

Olly has written most of his songs himself, on his 2nd album 'In Case You Didn't Know' he wrote EVERY single song except for 'Heart Skips A Beat'

What does hunter Hayes do for hobbies?

write songs he focuses so hard on his career and to musically better himself.

Does paramore write their own songs?

Yes. Singer Hayley Williams writes all of Paramore's songs as well as lead-guitarist Josh Farro. Other credited writers for Paramore's songs are Zac Farro, Taylor York, and David Bendeth. Taylor York also helps write some of Paramore's songs

Does Steve Rushton write his own songs or does somebody write them for him?

Steve writes all his own music himself - he's a very talented songwriter :)

Did the spice girls write their songs?

they write most of their songs

Did Eminem ever record a song that he didn't write himself?

yes some of his first few songs were not written by him

Famous people with initials RW?

Ricky Williams. Rasheed Wallis. Ricky Watters. Rusty Wallace. Robbie Williams. Robin Williams. Richard Write. Roddy White. Randy Winn. Rachel Weisz. Robert Wagner. Roy Williams. Just a few off top of my head. Add to them im sure there are a bunch more. :)Tuck

What songs did Elvis Presley write?

He didn't write his own songs.

What is the duration of You Write the Songs?

The duration of You Write the Songs is 1800.0 seconds.