Naruto Shippuden

Does Rock Lee die?

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Does Rock Lee die in Naruto Shippuden?

No, Rock Lee does not die in Naruto Shippuden.

Did Rock Lee die?

Rock Lee has not died yet.

Will Rock Lee die in manga?

That much has not been confirmed about Rock Lee.

Does rock lee die in naruto against Gaara?

no lee does not die when tsunade bbecomes hokage she does a surgery on him and heals him.

Who will win in a race rock lee or sonic?


Who is better Rock Lee or Chuck Norris?

rock lee

Does Rock Lee like Naruto?

Rock Lee Respects naruto, but no. No matter how um... "unique" Rock Lee Is, he is NOT gay

Does Rock Lee die on Naruto or Naruto Shippuden?

No he's not dead.rock lee doesn't die :Dhe is one the best charactersRock lee will probably lose Gai in the war and continue to work even harder to someday come back for kabuto or madara to avenge his sensei along with ten-ten and neji-kun

When and where did baseball player Lee Rogers die?

Lee Rogers died November 23, 1995, in Little Rock, AR, USA.

Is Rock Lee better than Gaara?

Rock is better

Is rock lee and garra gay?

rock lee may be gay but gaara is to awesome to be gay

Who is better Neji or Rock Lee?

Rock Lee is way better.

What is the duration of Lee Rock?

The duration of Lee Rock is 1.67 hours.

How old is Rock Lee?

Rock Lee is 14 in Naruto and 17 in Shippuden

When was Lee Rock created?

Lee Rock was created on 1991-09-19.

How tall is Chelsea Lee Rock?

Chelsea Lee Rock is 5' 3".

When does tsunade heal Rock Lee?

Rock Lee was healed by Lady Tsunade in episode 100. The operation was successful and Rock Lee was able to walk again.

Will rock lee go use his last gate?

Nope but Gai will, against uchiha madara. And madara will honor him as the best taijutsu user in the history.

Who is faster Rock Lee or Sasuke?

It's Rock Lee. But Sauske is stronger than him by a landslide.

When was Derek Lee Rock born?

Derek Lee Rock was born on June 29, 1984.

Who is stronger now till when Gaara loses his jinchuuriki rock lee or Gaara?

Rock lee

Is Rock Lee dating someone?

No, Rock Lee is not dating anybody as far as the series has gone.

Who was a quarterback with the last name lee?

the answer is Rock Lee

What is Rock Lee's last name?

Rock Lee is his full name so I don't know if it's supposed to be Rock or Lee... Rock is his last name.

How do you fight like rock lee?

Easy you can not fight like Rock Lee. If it is possible you have to be REALLY good at fighting to do anything Lee knows how to do.