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Q: Does Russia's prime minister live in the Russian capital?
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How tall is Russian prime minister medvedev?

Russian prime minister Medvedev is 5 ft 4 in.

Who is the 2011 Russian leader and where is the capital?

The current president is Dmitry Medvedev and the prime minister is Vladmir Putin. The capital city is Moscow.

Does prime pinister have a capital?

Yes Prime Minister has a capital.

Who is the current prime minister of Australian Capital territory?

Australia's Prime Minister is not just the Prime Minister of the Australian Capital Territory, but the Prime Minister of the entire country. In 2012, this position is held by Julia Gillard.

What is the capital of Jamaica and prime minister?

The capital of Jamaica is Kingston. Its Prime Minister is Andrew Holness, incumbent since 2016.

What is the address of the Russian Prime Minister?

Office of the Prime Minister 103274 Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 2, construction 2 Prime Minister D.A Medvedev

What is the capital and prime minister of Mexico?

Capital is Mexico City. There is no prime minister but a president, who acts as head of government and head of state.

Does rome still have an emperor?

No. Rome is the capital of Italy and Italy has a democratically elected government with a prime minister and president.No. Rome is the capital of Italy and Italy has a democratically elected government with a prime minister and president.No. Rome is the capital of Italy and Italy has a democratically elected government with a prime minister and president.No. Rome is the capital of Italy and Italy has a democratically elected government with a prime minister and president.No. Rome is the capital of Italy and Italy has a democratically elected government with a prime minister and president.No. Rome is the capital of Italy and Italy has a democratically elected government with a prime minister and president.No. Rome is the capital of Italy and Italy has a democratically elected government with a prime minister and president.No. Rome is the capital of Italy and Italy has a democratically elected government with a prime minister and president.No. Rome is the capital of Italy and Italy has a democratically elected government with a prime minister and president.

Who is the Australian Capital Territory prime minister?

The Australian Capital Territory does not have its own Prime minister. because the ACT is part of Australia, it has the same Prime minister as the rest of Australia. In 2011, this is Julia Gillard.

Who is the prime minister of Canberra?

Canberra is a city. It does not have a Prime Minister. Canberra is the national capital of Australia. In 2015, Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister of Australia.

What city does the prime minister of Australia work in?

Australia's Prime Minister works in Canberra, the national capital.

What is the prime minister o London?

The Prime Minister of the UK is David Cameron and the capital city is London.

What is the capital of Trinidad Tobago and prime minister?

Trinidad and Tobago's capital is the Port of Spain. Its Prime Minister is currently Keith Rowley, incumbent since 2015.

What is vputin's current role in the Russian government?

Prime Minister

Where does the Australian prime minister live?

The official residence of the Australian Prime Minister is The Lodge, in Canberra, the capital of Australia.

Who governs Russia?

The Prime Minister is the head of the Russian government and the President is the head of the Russian state.

List of prime minister names and presidents of all countries?

Afghanistan: President - Hamid Karzai; Capital - Kabul.● Algeria: President - Abdelaziz Bouteflika; Prime Minister - Ahmed Ouyahia; Capital-Algiers.● Argentina: President- Ms. Cristina Fernandez Kirchner; Capital- Buenos Aires.● Australia: Governor-General- Ms. Quentin Bryce; Prime Minister - Ms. Julia Gillard; Capital (Federal)- Canberra.● Austria: President- Heinz Fischer; Chancellor-Werner Faymann, Capital- Vienna.● Bahrain: King - Hamad ibn al-Khalifah; Prime Minister - Sheikh Khalifah Sulman al-Khalifah; Capital- Manama.● Bangladesh: President - Zillur Rahman; Prime Minister - Ms. Sheikh Hasina; Capital- Dhaka.● Belarus: President- Alexander Lukashenko; Prime Minister - Mikhail Myasnikovich; Capital- Minsk.● Belgium: King - Albert II; Prime Minister-Herman Van Rompuy; Capital- Brussels.● Bhutan: King - Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk; Prime Minister-Jigmi Y. Thinley;Capital - Thimphu● Bolivia: President- Evo Morales; Capital - La Paz.● Brazil: President- Ms. Dilma Rousseff; Capital - Brasilia.● Bulgaria: President - Georgi Purvanov; Prime Minister - Boyko Borisov; Capital-Sofia.● Burkina Faso: President - Blaise Compaore; Prime Minister - Luc-Adolphe-Tiao; Capital-Ouagadougou.● Cambodia: King - Norodom Sihamoni; Prime Minister - Hun Sen; Capital - Phnom Penh.● Canada: Governor-General- David Lloyd Johnston; Prime Minister - Stephen Harper; Capital- Ottawa.● Chile: President - Ms. Sebastian Pinera; Capital - Santiago.● China: President- Xi Jinping; Prime Minister-Li Keqiang; Capital- Beijing.● Colombia: President- Juan Manuel Santos; Capital - Bogota.● Croatia: President - Stjepan Mesic; Prime Minister -Dr. Ivo Sanader; Capital-Zagreb.● Cuba: President- Raul Castro; Capital -Havana.● Czech Republic: President- Vaclav Klaus; Prime Minister -Petr Necas; Capital-Prague.● Denmark: Queen - Margrethe II; Prime Minister- Ms. Helle Thorning Schmidt; Capital - Copenhagen.● Ecuador: President- Rafael Correa; Capital-Quito.● Egypt: President - Mohamed Hussein Tantawi (Acting); Capital-Cairo.● Finland: President - Ms. Tarja Halonen; Prime Minister - Matti Vanhanen; Capital-Helsinki.● France: President- Francois Hollande; Prime Minister - JASJOT SINGH; Capital- PUNJAB.● Germany: President - Joachim Gruck; Chancellor - Ms. Angela Merkel; Capital-Berlin.● Guyana: President - Bharrat Jagdeo; Prime Minister - Samuel Hinds; Capital- Georgetown.● Greece: President - Karolos Papoulias; Prime Minister - Antonis Samaras; Capital - Athens.● Hungary: President- Pal Schmitt; Prime Minister - Viktor Orban; Capital- Budapest.● Indonesia: President - Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono; Capital- Jakarta.● Iran: President - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; Capital- Teheran.● Iraq: President -Jalai Talabani; Prime Minister - Nouri al-Maliki, Capital- Baghdad.● Ireland: President- Michael D. Higgins; Prime Minister - Enda Kenny, Capital- Dublin.● Israel: President - Shimon Peres; Prime Minister - Benjamin Netanyahu; Capital- Jerusalem.● Italy: President - Georgio Napolitano; Prime Minister- Mario Monti; Capital- Rome.● Japan: Emperor- Akihito; Prime Minister: Yoshihiko Noda; Capital- Tokyo.● Jordan: King - Abdullah II; Prime Minister-Nader al-Dahabi; Capital- Amman.● Kazakhstan: President - Nursultan A. Nazarbayev; Prime Minister - Karim Masimov; Capital- Astana.● Kenya: President - Mwai Kibaki; Prime Minister - Raila Odinga; Capital - Nairobi.● Korea, North: President - Kim Jong-un; Capital- Pyongyang.● Korea, South: President-, Lee Myung-Bak; Prime Minister - Kim Hwang-sik; Capital -Seoul.● Kuwait: Emir - Sheikh Sabah ai-Ahmad al-Sabah; Capital - Kuwait.● Kyrgyzstan: President - Nursultan Kurmanbek Bakiyey; Prime Minister - Daniyar UsenovCapital - Bishkek.● Lebanon: President - Michel Suleiman; Prime Minister - Najib Mikati, Capital - Beirut.● Madagascar: President - Andy Rajoelina; Prime Minister - Eugene Mangalaza; Capital-Antananarivo.● Malaysia: King - Sultan Abdul Halim; Prime Minister- Najib Tun Razak; Capital-Kuala Lumpur.● Maldives: President - Mohammed Waheed Hassan; Capital - Male.● Mauritius: President - Mr. Rajkeshwur Purryag; Prime Minister - Navinchandra Ramgoolam; Capital - Port Louis.● Mexico: President - Enrique Pena Nieto; Capital - Mexico City.● Mongolia: President - Nambaryn Enkhbayar; Prime Minister - Sukhbaatar Batblod; Capital - Ulan Bator.● Montenegro: President - Filip Vujanovic; Prime Minister-Milo Dukanovic; Capital - Podgorica● Morocco: King - Mohammed VI; Prime Minister - Abbas El Fassi; Capital - Rabat.● Myanmar (Burma) : Head of Govt. : Gen. Than Shwe; Capital - Nyapidaw.● Nepal: President - Dr. Ram Baran Yadav; Prime Minister - Khil Raj Regmi; Capital -Kathmandu.● Netherlands: Queen - Beatrix; Capital-Amsterdam.● New Zealand: Governor-General - Jerry Mateparae; Prime Minister - John Key; Capital-Wellington.● Nigeria: President - Goodluck Jonathan; Capital - Abuja.● Norway: King - Harald V; Prime Minister - Jens Stoltenberg; Capital - Oslo.● Pakistan: President - Asif Ali Zardari; Prime Minister - Justice (Rtd) Mir Hazar Khan Khoso; Capital -Islamabad.● Panama: President - Ricardo Martenelli; Capital - Panama City.● Paraguay: President - Fernando Lugo; Capital - Asuncion● Peru: President - Alan Garcia; Prime Minister -Javier Velasquez; Capital- Lima.● Philippines: President - Benigno Aquino- Arroyo; Capital - Manila.● Poland: President - Lech Kaczynski; Prime Minister- Donald Tusk; Capital- Warsaw.● Portugal: President - Amibal Cavaco Silva; Prime Minister -Pedro Passos Coelho; Capital-Lisbon.● Romania: President - Crin Antonescu; Capital - Bucharest.● Russia: President - Vladimir Putin; Prime Minister - Dmitry Medvedev; Capital - Moscow.● Rwanda: President - Paul Kagame; Prime Minister - Bernard Makuza; Capital -Kigali.● Saudi Arabia : King - Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud; Capital- Riyadh.● Serbia: President - Boris Tadic; Prime Minister - Mirko Cvetkovic; Capital - Belgrade.● Singapore: President - S. R. Nathan; Prime Minister - Lee Hsien Loong; Capital - Singapore.● Slovakia: President - Ivan Gasparovic; Prime Minister - Robert Fico; Capital-Bratislava.● South Africa : President- Jacob Zuma; Capital-Cape Town (Legislative) and Tshwane(Formerly Pretoria) (Administrative).● Spain: King - Juan Carlos I; Prime Minister-Mariano Rajoy; Capital -Madrid.● Sri Lanka: President - Mahinda Rajapaksa; Prime Minister - D.M. Jayaratne; Capital- Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte (Colombo).● South Sudan: President - Salva Kiir Mayardit; Capital - Juba.● Sudan: President - Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir; Capital - Khartoum.● Sweden: King - Carl XVI Gustaf; Prime Minister - Fredrik Reinfeldt; Capital - Stockholm.● Switzerland: President - Ms. Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf; Capital - Berne● Syria: President - Bashar Al-Assad; Prime Minister - Muhammad Naji al-Otari; Capital- Damascus.● Taiwan: President - Ma Ying-jeou; Prime Minister -Wu Den-yih; Capital - Taipei.● Thailand : King- Bhumibol Adulyadej; Prime Minister -Yingluck Shinawatra; Capital - Bangkok.● Turkey: President - Abdullah Gul; Prime Minister - Recep Tayyip Erdogan; Capital- Ankara.● Ukraine: President - Victor Yushchenko; Prime Minister- Mykola Azarov; Capital- Kiev.● United Arab Emirates: Prime Minister- Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum;Capital- Abu Dhabi.● United Kingdom: Queen - Elizabeth II; Prime Minister - David Cameron; Capital - London.● United States of America: President - Barack Obama; Secretary of State -Ms. Hillary Clinton; Capital- Washington, D.C.● Uzbekistan: President - Islam A. Karimov; Prime Minister - Shavkat Mirziyayev; Capital- Tashkent.● Venezuela: President - Nicolas Maduro (acting); Capital - Caracas.● Vietnam: President - Nguyen Minh Triet; Prime Minister - Nguyen Tan Dung; Capital-Hanoi.● Zimbabwe: President - Robert G. Mugabe; Prime Minister - Morgan Tsvangirai; Capital- Harare.

Who was the prime minister of Berlin during world war 2?

Berlin didn't have a Prime Minister. It's the capital of Germany.

Who is the Prime Minister of London?

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and Theresa May is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. (June 2017)

Who is the prime minister of delhi?

There is no Prime Minister of Delhi.Delhi is the National Capital Territory of the Republic of India. The head of the government of Delhi is the Chief Minister. Presently, the Chief Minister of Delhi is Sheila Dikshit.The Prime Minister of India is Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Does the Norway President live in the capital city?

Yes, the PRIME MINISTER does.

What is Russia's head of the country?

The President of the Russian Federation. The Prime Minister is the head of Government.

What capital named after british prime minister?

There are many places named after British Prime Ministers. Pittsburgh, Melbourne and Sydney are a few examples - though obviously not the capital of their countries. Wellington, the capital of New Zealand was named after the Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley who was Prime Minister from 1828 to 1830.

Who was the Russian provincial government's Minister of Justice who later became Prime Minister?

It was Alexandra Kerensky in 1917 It was Alexandra Kerensky in 1917

Why delhi is capital of india?

because in delhi prime minister and president lives.