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Does Russia border on the US?


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yes the 2 share a partly ratified but really only de facto territorial sea border less than 30 nautical miles long & outer maritime zone borders as well to the limits permitted under international maritime law

the combined boundary of about 1800 nautical miles is the longest maritime boundary in the world


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The US and Russia do not border

None the US and Russia do not border

No states share a border with Russia. Alaska has a common maritime border in the Barents Sea.

russia is the closest country and it does not touch the border of the US!!! :)

Pennsylvania is a state in the US. Russia is a country in Asia and Europe, which are different continents from North America, which contains the US. Russia can't possibly border Pennsylvania.

The US and Russia border the Bering Sea.

The US and Russia are neighboring countries that share a water border. No country between them.

Both share a border with Russia but I would say the US is closer because they have more people living closer to the Russian border than Canada.

Alaska has both a land border with Canada and a Maritime border with Russia.

Romania has no border with Russia.

What states border Russia?

Countries that border on the USA * Canada * Mexico * Russia Countries that border on US bases * Iceland * Cuba * Philippines

Only Alaska which has a maritime border with Russia.

Canada and Mexico physically touch the US, meaning they share a border. Russia, Cuba, and the Bahamas are countries near the US that do not share a border.

14 countries border Russia.

the state that shares a border with Russia

Russia does not border onto the Mediterranean

Russia and Alaska share a maritime border.

No US States, however two Canadian Provinces share border and there is a maritime border with Russia.

Alaska shares a water border with Russia and a land border with Canada.

The Arctic and Pacific Ocean border Russia.

Kazakhstan, south of Russia, shares the longest border with Russia of all the countries bordering Russia.

You'd need to tell us whether you meant Georgia the state, or Georgia the country near Russia.

Yes northern part of Norway has border with Russia.

3 bodies of water border Russia

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