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3.0 is pretty low for Rutgers, but if your SAT scores are very high, there might be a chance.

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Q: Does Rutgers University accept people with a 3.0 GPA?
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Can you get into rutgers with a 4.6 GPA?

of course you can. rutgers accepts people who have a 3.6 gpa, so you're good.

What colleges will accept a GPA of 2.4?

There are lots of colleges that will accept a 2.4 GPA. One such is Webber International University in Florida and Kentucky State University and Shaw University will all accept a GPA of 2.4.

What is the minimum gpa to get into rutgers as a transfer student?

Rutgers is an university in New Jersey with enrollment of 58,788 as of 2012. For transfer students the average GPA for enrollment is between 3.6 and 4.3.

A 3.0 GPA to get into rutgers?

While Rutgers University considers each application, a high school GPA of 3.0 would likely be rejected. It may be considered separately on the merits of the individual student.

What colleges accept 3.2 GPA?

Syracuse university

Sat scores and rutgers new brunswick?

The required SAT score for Rutgers University, New Brunswick is 1600. The required GPA for the college is a B plus.

What colleges will accept a GPA of 2.3?

There are a lot of colleges that will accept a GPA of a 2.3, such as Northern Kentucky University. You will have to meet their benchmarks on the ACT.

Which university accept GPA 2.5 for Master programs?

American Intercon. University Univeristy of Phoenix will accept anyone with money.

What GPA do you need to get accepted to Michigan State University?

They usually dont accept people without atleast an honnors.

What colleges accept a 2.9 GPA?

Albany state university and Nova

What colleges accept a 3.5 GPA easily?

University of Hawaii!! Pachou!

Is 3.3 unweighted GPA and 3.7 weighted GPA good for Rutgers?

If your SAT is 2000 and above then 3.3 UNW and 3.7 W should get you into Rutgers

How high does your GPA need to be to get into harvarh university?

I don't think Harvard will accept people who cannot spell Harvard correctly. Therefore the probable answer is: more GPA than you have.

Will a 3.1 GPA get you into rutgers?

yeah it can. i got in with a 3.14.

What does your GPA in high school have to be to get into Ruckers university in Newark?

GPA might not matter as much as being able to spell RUTGERS. They say that it is important, but as long as you have a 3.5 you should be fine

Will Old Dominion University accept a 2.5 GPA?

Yes, they'll accept anyone. I got in with a 2.2.

What university will accept a 2.3 grade point average?

The University of North Dakota will accept a 2.25+ GPA if you also have an ACT of 22 or higher.

Texas universities that accept a 2.4 GPA?

Texas Southern University, Prairie View A&M University

What Colleges will accept a 1.9 GPA?

no regular UNIVERSITY willl accept a 1.9 you need at least the average GPA to get into any regular university if not i sugest going to a community collage first regaining the credits transfering.

What GPA do you need to transfer from a community college to Rutgers?


What Universities can you enroll in with a 2.5?

San Diego State and the University of South Carolina are some universities that will accept a 2.5 GPA. West Virginia University is another university that accepts a 2.5 GPA.

What colleges will accept a GPA of 2.2?

What colleges will accept a 2.2 GPA

What college accepts a 2.0 GPA in Missouri?

Most of the state sponsored colleges in Missouri will accept a student with a GPA of 2.0. The University of Missouri and the University of Central Missouri are two of them.

US universities that accept 2.7 GPA for Masters Degree?

Walden University, wichita state university some programs, and u of phoenix would accept anyone with money

Can you still atttend a university regardless of your overall GPA and Class Rank?

Well, it depends on the college and how bad your GPA is. If it is really bad most university level institutions won't accept you. There is always community college.