Does Sakura ever get over Sasuke?

No I don't think she does

because she was shocked to see him in the 1st Shippuden episode.

== == No she loves him for ever and she will never let him go!!

It doesn't look like she does (im reading all the manga chaps, theyre awesome!! XD) but i think she will. cuz in the manga it kinda shows (u can spot it if you have good eyes) that Sakuras affection is turning more towards Naruto. but right now she still likes Sasuke better (dont erase my answer this time plz and thx :P) I think she didnt get over him considering she is sooo into him..!!!!hw can u blame her..HES HOT!!XD ANSWER: Considering she tried to KILL him because he hurt Naruto, yeah I think shes over him. It was a crush, and Shes over it. Even in the middle of that crush she had feelings for Naruto that she ignored. ANSWER: Well, it was never implied that she did. She may look at him more as a friend though. We will not actually know And for those that keep saying she has feelings for Naruto. Theres no proof of that. Naruto is one of her closes friends. Of course you are going to treat your closest friend better then most people, and do anything you can to protect them. I agree with everyone questions but does Naruto get over Sakura aw that means Sasuke loves Sakura man oh well everyone get what they ask for Naruto Hinata and Sasuke and Sakura ...............................................................] Please don't erase my answer or hate me for liking these pairings people hate me for liking Naruto and Sakura and Sasuke and Hinata please don't hate me for this! I know people hate me for these pairings but doesn't everybody have a right to love things different Im so sorry please forgive me! No, she doesn't like Sasuke anymore. There isn't any proof she likes Naruto anymore either, but it's likely. Sakura got over Sasuke after he left though. She's not a weak little fangirl anymore. And she tried to kill Sasuke to protect Naruto. I don't think she'd do that if she was still in love.