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No, they don't.

Yes..They have fins, which are limbs of fish.

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What are the different kinds of salmon?

The different kinds of Salmon are King Salmon Pink Salmon Coho Salmon Sockeye Salmon Atlantic Salmon Chinook Salmon

What has jointed limbs?

jointed limbs are those types of limbs in which the the fingers are attached with each other this is same as for hinds limbs and fore limbs

When are types of wild salmon available?

Sockey salmon King salmon Pink salmon Coho salmon Chinook salmon

What are the differneces of a frogs fore limbs and hind limbs?

The fore limbs are at the front of the frog and the hind limbs are at the back.

What are the upper and lower limbs?

your arms are the upper limbs and your legs are the lower limbs :)

What is a collective noun for salmon?

The general collective nouns for any group of fish are a school of salmon or a shoal of salmon.Collective nouns sepcifically used for salmon are:a bind of salmona draught of salmona leap of salmona run of salmon

Are there such things as mechanical limbs?

Yes. Mechanical limbs also known as artificial limbs.

What kind of salmon is Scottish salmon?

There is Atlantic salmon is Scotland. Scottish salmon is probably farm raised Atlantic salmon.

What is salmon in Tagalog word?

salmon in Tagalog: salmon

Do salmon live in groups or alone?

It depends on what type of salmon you are talking about. Pick One: Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, or any other salmon.

Do invertebrates have limbs?

Yes, invertebrates do have limbs.

How many limbs do giraffes have?

They have four limbs.

How many limbs does giraffe have?

they have four limbs

How many limbs does a platypus have?

A platypus has four limbs - 2 forelimbs and two hind limbs.

What are 2 sentence using the word limbs?

My limbs were sore after exercising. I tore my limbs on the pavement.

What is a salmon bin liner?

A salmon bin liner is a bin liner made out of salmon and has salmon in it

Why is the salmon shark called a salmon shark?

Salmon sharks eat salmon as their main prey.

What are the 5 species of salmon?

well i dont know the other three but... Coho and Saki (i don t know if i spelled it right) there are 6 types of salmon cherry salmon chinook salmon chum salmon coho salmon pink salmon sockeye salmon

What is the plural form for salmon?

The plural form of salmon is salmon.

What is slang term for small salmon?

The slang term for small salmon is salmon canyon or salmon and tout.

What term refers to the arms and legs?

They can be called limbs, appendages, extremities, or members.

How many limbs does the bull shark have?

Fish, such as sharks, do not have limbs, they have fins (which in evolutionary terms are the precursors of limbs).

How do ostrich use their limbs?

They use their limbs mainly to walk and since they do not fly their usage of limbs are limited.

What is the differences between the turtle and tortoise limbs?

The difference is that turtle limbs are made for swimming and tortoise limbs are not.

Crustacean with 5 pairs of walking limbs?

A crustacean is a decapod it has five walking limbs. A crustacean is a decapod it has five walking limbs. A crustacean is a decapod it has five walking limbs. A crustacean is a decapod it has five walking limbs. A crustacean is a decapod it has five walking limbs. A crustacean is a decapod it has five walking limbs. AHHHHHHHHHHHH DO YOU KNOW NOW!!!

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