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Saturn is known as a gas giant and does not have a solid surface. Its atmosphere is 75 percent hydrogen and 25 percent helium, with trace amounts of methane and water.

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Is there an atmosphere on Saturn?

Certainly. Saturn is almost all atmosphere.

Does Saturn have an atmosphere and what does it consist?

The planet Saturn does have an atmosphere, and indeed, it consists mostly of atmosphere. The main chemical constituents of the atmosphere of Saturn are methane, ammonia, and hydrogen.

Does Saturn have an atmosphere like Earth?

Saturn has an atmosphere, it is a gas planet!. However the atmosphere is not like Earth's atmosphere.

Does saturn have any atmosphere?

Yes, Saturn is all (or mostly) atmosphere.

Is Saturn a heavy atmosphere or no atmosphere?


What kind of atmosphere does planet Saturn have?

It has a gassy atmosphere because Saturn is made from it.

Is Saturn the only planet with an atmosphere?

Actally Saturn does not have an atmosphere at all. Its 7 rings each have there own atmosphere.

What makes up the atmosphere on Saturn?


Would a person choke in the atmosphere of Saturn?

would a person choke in the atmosphere of Saturn?

Do Saturn and Earth have thin atmospheres?

Earth has a thin atmosphere. Saturn has a thick atmosphere.

What kind of person live on Saturn?

No, because Saturn has an atmosphere, but it's not the same kind of atmosphere as Earth. Humans can't breathe the atmosphere on Saturn and there's no surface on Saturn. It's made of gas.

Does Saturn have a breathable atmosphere?

Saturn does not have a breathable atmosphere, nor does it have a solid surface. Saturn's atmosphere is mostly made of hydrogen and helium.

What is on Saturn?

there is nothing on Saturn but Saturn has an atmosphere of aumonia,methane and water ice

What are the atmosphere on Saturn?

The atmosphere on Saturn is helium. 75% hydrogen, 25% helium, water, methane, ammonia

What is the atmosphere like on Saturn?

Saturn's atmosphere is cloudy.

Does Saturn have a thick atmosphere?

yes, it has a thick atmosphere

What planets atmosphere rains sulfric acid?

saturn saturn

Is there a breathable atmosphere on Saturn?

No, there is not.

Is Saturn atmosphere breathable?


What planet has a moon with atmosphere?

Saturn has the moon Titan, which has an atmosphere

Does Enceladus have an atmosphere?

Yes, Enceladus, a moon of Saturn, has an atmosphere.

Dose Saturn have a thick or thin atmosphere?

it has a thick atmosphere

Is it a thick or thin atmosphere for Saturn?

There has the second biggest atmosphere

Does Saturn have the largest atmosphere and lowest average density of all planets?

Jupiter has the largest atmosphere Saturn has the lowest density

What planet has an atmosphere composed of hydrogen helium and methane?


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