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yes the orbit Saturn while Saturn orbits the sun


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Saturn Has rings that orbit it!

Saturn is round. It has rings of dust that orbit it.

Yes, Saturn's rings orbit Saturn. Yes, they are not "solid rings" of course, but they are made of tiny bits of rock and ice. They orbit just like tiny moons.

The gravitational pull of the planet Saturn keep it's rings in orbit.

THe Saturn Rings are a "Belt" of asteroids that have all found a similar orbit around Saturn. They are made after a collection of asteroids fall into the same orbit, and when observed from a distance, look like the classic "rings".

The rings of Saturn are made of meteors in orbit with the other planets gravity which pulls with other planets orbit. Peace Out! K.T

Can an object stay in orbit around Saturn somewhere else besides the rings

No, Saturn and Uranus have rings. They are of a density lower than water, as is the parent planet, Saturn.

Orbits are caused by the force of gravity combined with the speed of the object in the orbit. Saturn's rings consist of millions of small rocks in orbit round Saturn.

ON, no. IN ... there are several moons that are embedded within the ring system.

The rings that it has and the moons that orbit around it.

Yes, the rings orbit in a plane roughly the same as Saturn's equator. (Some of the outer rings are not related to the main rings and their orbits are shaped by the associated Saturnian moons.)

Saturn is not the only planet that has a ring system, but it is by far the most prominent. Uranus has a system of five rings and Jupiter also has two rings .

Particles in the inner rings orbit Saturn at a faster speed than particles in the outer rings.

I think you mean the Rings. See the link below for more information on the Rings of Saturn.

i would like to orbit Saturn because are the rings on it like are they shinny or are they seethrew

Saturn's rings are made up of many small objects, rock and ice, that are in orbit around Saturn. Because all the object move, the rings can be said to move.

The rings of Saturn do not float. The rings consists of pices of rock and ices. Each fragment is on orbit around Saturn. An object in orbit does not float. Rather, it is in continuous freefall, but is moving so fast "sideways" that it constantly misses.

Saturn has rings. But the rings aren't actually rings, they just appear as so. The rings are an accumulation of ice and other space rock debris that is stuck in the gravitational orbit of Saturn. It encircles the planet and appears as rings. Saturn's moons are also in its rings.

No. The rings of Saturn are not solid disks. They are belts of rocky and icy debris in orbit around the planet.

Yes, Saturn has over 60 moons orbiting it. Also all the stuff that make up the rings is orbiting Saturn.

they are planetsthey have ringsthey orbit sunthey are gaseous planets

The rings of Saturn orbits Saturn

Saturn's 'rings' are actually asteroids, meteorites and bits of rock that orbit around saturn. In the very far future, most planets may begin to have these rings due to rocks orbiting around planets.

They are made of asteroids floating around the planet's orbit.

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