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yes, Justin Bieber
YES!!!!!! it is Justin Bieber!


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Today is 11/8/11 and Selena Gomez is 18.

"haha no i am not pregnant, and i won't be pregnant for a while." -Selena gomez

No Miley Cyrus is 20 and Selena Gomez is 18

Till she was 18 I'm pretty sure

Selena Gomez is 18 Her birthday is July 22,1992

Selena Gomez is about 5'5"

She is 18 she is turning 19 in July 22nd

Selena Gomez is 18 and will turn 19 on July 22nd 2011

No! Selena Gomez is not even married! No!Selena is 18!

Selena Gomez is 19 years old

Nope--In 2010, Selena Gomez will turn 18.

No in fact she is actually 18 years of age

i did my resarch and selena gomez is 18

Selena Gomez is not 18 yet so she is not regestered to vote,so nobody but Selena knows.

Did you mean Selena Gomez? She's 18.

She is considered average for her age. She is 5'5" and she is currently 18 years old, (2010).

Selena does not have kids shes only 18

Selena Gomez did not vote for anyone, as you have to be 18 or over to vote in the United States.

selena gomez is 18 years old..correct me if im wrong

No. Selena Gomez and Selena Quintanilla Perez are two different people. Selena Quintanilla-Perez died when she was about 23 years old on march 31, 1995 and Selena Gomez is only 18 years old and she is still alive lol. Selena Gomez full name is Selena Marie Gomez

Selena started dating Justin Bieber at age of 18.So she started dating him around the beginnings of 2010

no she is 18 ( in the year 2011 )

No, Selena Gomez doesn't have kids. She is 18 years young.

Apparently not, and it would be unusual at her relatively young age. Selena was born on July 22, 1992, making her 18 on her birthday in 2010.

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