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the razor really doesn't matter it depends on how close you want to shave

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Q: Does Shaving With a disposable razor then an electric razor damge your skin?
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Do you use shaving cream when shaving with an electric razor?

No. It would just clog up your razor.

Should I use a regular shaving cream when I shave with an electric razor?

Yes you can use shaving cream with an electric razor, but it wouldn't be needed all the time or with certain types of electric razors.

How do I prevent razor bumps when shaving my bush?

Shave very carefully! Or use an electric razor.

What type of razor should you use to shave the pubic hairs on your vagina?

- Quality razor with disposable heads. - Electric razor - Razor with multiple heads. - Razor with a pivoting head. Those razors can give you smooth, close shave. Don't forget to exfoliate before shaving and apply moisturizer afterwards.

What is the best razor to use when you first start shaving?

The ones i used were just some Gilette disposable ones.

Can shaving cream be used with an electric razor without damaging it?

Newer models can absolutely be used with shaving cream, and even in the shower. Make sure your electric razor is advertised as a "Wet/Dry" razor. A wet dry electric razor can be used with shaving cream. However it's often used simply with water or a special type of cream. Neutrogena makes shaving creams just for wet dry razors and Gilette recommends their own special shaving cream.

Can I put a regular straight razor to shave with into my travel kit when traveling by air or do I have to use an electric shaver?

No, you cannot bring a straight razor in your air travel kit. You can bring an electric or a disposable razor.

Will an electric razor give me a closer shave on my legs than a regular razor does?

A disposable razor with 3-4 blades can give you the closest shave possible because after a few uses the blade on an electric razor becomes dull.

How long after you start shaving should you swtich to a non-electric razor?

i never used an electric razor in the first place. My mom helped me shave the first time.

Is the Art Of Shaving 3 Blade Razor - Mach3 Classic Black & Nickel-Plated razor good for a teenager just starting to shave?

While the Art Of Shaving 3 Blade Razor - Mach3 Classic Black & Nickel-Plated razor is an elegant and durable razor which can accept heads from popular brands of disposable razors the retail price of this package is rather steep. For a teenager just starting to shave a modest disposable razor package will provide a better value for your money.

What did disposable razor blades replace?

The straight razor.

Explain razor methods of shaving pubic hair?

use shaving gel or soap if you have to and a good razor or get a small electric shaver , shave in the direction the hair grows - you may get "razor burn" which are small red itchy bumps but that goes away nothing to worry about.

Why you cannot send or receive pictures on your razor?

A razor is for shaving.

What you call the item you use when you shaving your body?

A Razor is used for shaving.

Is wet shave better when first starting or an electric razor?

skin sensitivity should be the biggest question you ask yourself when deciding between the two, wet shaving comes with a great deal of products more so than the electric razor , and that it can help clean and nourish the skin a large deal when compared to traditional electric razor. Electric razor, depending on the model tend to cut the hair in a way that can cause irregular hair growth, and most time for people who get irritation from electric razor they develop what is known as ingrown hairs, which can leave bumps on the areas shaved. Electric razor is more convenient for it is fast and requires no heavy skill set to use and manage, and for the fact that it does not require the purchase of shaving treatments like wet shaving but for skin benefits, wet shaving will always triumph, if you have little hair growth wet shaving might be a unnecessary expenditure of time, but if you have a traditional amount of beard growth or more than usual taking time with wet shaving can prove to be the best treatment for your skin and hair maintenance.

Can you bring a disposable razor on board?

yes, if it is a safety razor like a mach 3 and not a disposable straight blade. those are no go.

Can you take a disposable razor in your carry on?

Actually, you can.

Can you take razors aboard an airplane?

According to the TSA you may take any kind of razor for check in luggage. For carry on you may take safety razors, disposable shaving razors and razor cartridges. You may not take razor blades, box cutters, or utility knifes.

Can pus bumps around your genital area be caused by shaving?

It's possible. I can't think of an STD that would cause several pimples around the groin. Try shaving with an electric razor instead of a regular razor. Remember - shaving and causing abrasions to the skin make it easier to get an STD. (If you have sex with someone infected...)

What product does Schick produce?

Schick produces shaving items including razors, razor blades, and shaving creams for men and women. Popular Schick products include the Quattro razor, the Intuition razor, and the Hydro razor.

Which electric shaving kits would make suitable Christmas gifts for my husband?

If you want to purchase an electric shaving kit I would go with the Norelco 8020X. However you can customize to what you think your husband will like by building your own shaving kit. You would just need to include the following: an exfoliant scrub for pre-shave, pre-shave oil, blade oil, shaving powder, shaving cream (optional), an electric razor, and aftershave.

What did king C gillette invented?

Disposable razor

When was the shaving safety razor developed?

The safety razor was initially developed by William S Henson as an improvement on the cut-throat which was being used at the time. The disposable blade was invented by Gillette. Initially he had experimented with glass blades, that failed, and moved on to metal.

What is razon burn?

If you mean razor burn it is when you shave and and leaves the skin red and sore like a burn. A good shaving cream can help, so can a sharp razor or maybe a good quality electric razor. Also your skin gets somewhat used to shaving after awhile. To get a good idea on what is razor burn and how to prep for a shave, shave properly, and avoid razor burn visit the site attached below.

How do you avoid razor bumps?

you use shaving cream