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Does Sidney Crosby read his own fan mail?

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I don't think he answers to fan mail because he is too busy

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Fan Mail Address: Sidney Crosby CAA Sports 520 Broadway Suite 660 Santa Monica, CA 90401 USA

He might if you have a worth while letter but rember he is very busy!!

yes there is a Sidney Crosby fan club

Yes, there are multiple Sidney Crosby Fan Clubs/Sites. Please refer to the Related Links.

Sidney Crosby C/O CAA Sports 520 Broadway Suite 660 Santa Monica, CA 90401

still to this day MARIO LEMIEUX is Sidney Crosby`s biggest fan(no i`m his biggest fan) :)

I don't think he has a public Email but he does have a fan mail address.Sidney CrosbyCAA Sports2000 Avenue of The StarsLos Angeles, CA 90067-4700USA

Sidney Crosby's fan mail address is

he does like every body! the other question with the girl in it is a lie! if you wanna see something good about him then go to: Sidney Crosby brings back the cup to home town on ctv!!! from his biggest fan!

SKYLAR! anyone who likes the Pittsburgh Penguins and is a die-hard hockey fan

Yes. Adam is known to answer and read as much fan mail as he can.

Through there website They read it and reply to the fan mail they love their fans!

i think that they do why

The celebrities determine who reads their fan mail. Because of the large numbers of mail they get, it is reasonable to assume that representatives read most of them.

Yes, Daniel reads all of his fan mail..

Yes she does, but she gets a lot of fan mail, so it may take her a while to reply.

Yes because they are awesome

put it on their website and they will read it

Yes. She does. They all do.

If you go to her website there is a page her brother wrote. It is about how he made the site. If you continue to read this page you will read that Stephanie does not have a fan mail address because she is to busy "writting", "reviewing books", ect. there for she does not have time for thousands of fan mail a day.

Yes, Rihanna does read her fan mail. But it is important to note that she is unable to read all her fan mails because of the number of fan mails that she receives on a daily basis.

Not many celebrities actually 'read' their fan mail, they either hire firms/individuals to do it for them, or it just goes straight to landfill/recycling plants.

He try's to read all of it because he is committed to his fans

Yes but she won't answer it. Her agents do that for her

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