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Does Sonic really like Amy?

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He likes her as a friend.

Does he love her? The odds aren't very good.

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Why can't Sega make sonic and Amy kiss?

because sonic do not really like amy

Who does sonic really like?

Amy rose

Does Amy really like Sonic?

Amy's crush on Sonic has been highly evident since her debut in Sonic CD where she follows Sonic with hearts fluttering around her. So yes, Amy really does like Sonic.

Did Amy kiss sonic on the cheek?

Actually, yes!It was somewhere around episode 20-30 when that happened on Sonic X.So, them being together like that, its obvious that Sonic like likes Amy, and of course, all Sonic fans should know that Amy REALLY LIKES Sonic.

Is Amy the hedgehog really in love with Sonic the Hedgehog?

Yes, Amy is in love with Sonic.

Does Amy like Sonic in Sonic and the black knight?

Amy always likes sonic.

Does Amy like Sonic only?

Amy likes Sonic but Sonic doesn't like her.

Does sonic likes Amy?

No. Only Amy likes Sonic.

Does Sonic like Amy in Sonic X?

Yes and No.Sonic doesn't like Amy rose in a romantic way BUT he does like her as a friend

Why does sonic always run from Amy?

Amy rose is obsessed with him. she is on a relationship with sonic but he doesn't like it. so that's why sonic always run away from Amy.

Do people really like sonic with amy?

Yes, because the people think they look nice together because of their colors. But truthfully, Sonic has no feelings for Amy.

Why does sonic not like Amy?

sonic likes amy not hate her

Does sonic like Amy or cyan?


Will sonic and amy get together?

NO WAY! amy likes sonic but sonic doesn't like amy. he thinks of her as more than annoying!

What part of Sonic x do Sonic and Amy kiss?

I never played sonic x but you can tell that sonic does NOT like Amy so its kind of impossible that they do kiss

What animal is Amy?

do you mean Amy from sonic? she is a hedgehog just like sonic

Why sonic Hates Amy rose?

Sonic does not LIKE Amy kissing so he runs away so Amy does not be kissed by Amy

Does knukles like Amy?

No. Amy likes Sonic.

Does Amy like shadow or sonic?

She has a crush on Sonic.

Does sonic secretly like Amy?

No, Sonic doesn't like anyone.

Does sonic the heghog like amyrose?

no because amy she 12 and sonic he 15 . and why they get together in the first place . first sonic like amy to be her friend.

Does Sonic really love Amy?

Yes. In the 2005 Disney Magazine, It states that Sonic loves Amy but is afraid to show it

Will sonic kiss Amy on the lips?

Probably not. Amy has a crush on Sonic, but it seems like the feeling isn't mutual and Sonic sees Amy more as a friend.

Why does sonic like sally?

he dosen't like sally he loves amy sonic and sally are just friends sally has been jelouse of amy because she knows sonic likes her. when sonic and amy are talking she gets a real tence feeling inside. she thinks her chances with him are crushed so one day sally told sonic that she would hurt amy if he didn't go out with her and he had to be lovey-dovey to her when amy was around. and that he couldn't tell anybody about this little chat and sonic agreed just to keep amy safe.and for amy this really hurt her seeing them like this. so no sonic thinks sally is very shallow some times it's totaly sonamy

Does sonic like Amy or love Amy?

He likes her as a friend. But Amy has a huge,creepy crush on so sonic and he tries to avoid Amy. Also It would be weird cause Amy is 12 and sonic is 15