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Does Sonic the Hedgehog like Amy?


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Yes,he is just to afraid to admit it.He will soon admit it in one game.Amy also likes Sonic and already admitted it.


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shes almost like different kind of animal

Amy the cat? If you mean "Amy Rose Hedgehog," then yes he does like her.

Yes. Amy Rose is a Hedgehog like Sonic. It is unknown why Sega decided Amy's last name to be Rose instead of Hedgehog.

Amy from sonic is Sonic's self proclaimed girlfriend

Amy Loves Sonic the Hedgehog! Amy plans to marry Sonic. But Sonic only likes Amy as a friend.

she is a hedgehog like sonic

Amy Rose likes Sonic the Hedgehog! Cause he's fast and saved her millions of times!

Sonic saved her from metal Sonic in Sonic CD.

As of yet Amy has only been seen to have feelings for Sonic.

No. He only treats her like a friend. If it's the comic from Archie "Sonic The Hedgehog," then they only put them as friends in comics.

Amy is obsessively in love with Sonic the Hedgehog. It's the basis of her entire character. However, in one or more games, she is depicted as a romantic interest for Shadow.

The Answer: Because Amy is just a fangirl who bugs Sonic the Hedgehog a lot. And Sonic loves someone else.

Amy the hedgehog is NOT a smart hedgehog! not that i hate her because i dont! she is always getting in trouble and just relays on sonic to save her when she could do it herself! like in sonic adventure.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Amy Rose.

Sonic does love Amy but has a kind of "will he or won't he" romantic relationship.

Rouge the bat its not that i hate Amy its just Amy looks better with sonic that shadow

No. The only cartoon she appeared in is Sonic X.

Yes, but Sonic is kind of shy and embarressed about it

They are only friends. sonic has feelings for amy inside he just doesent want to admit it to her.

Sonic the Hedgehog if you need proof go to Youtube and type sonic X episode 77 1/2

I like Sonic the Hedgehog.If you meant who loves him, I believe that would be Amy Rose and Princess Sally Alicia Acorn.

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