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Yes they do use only the metric system

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What countries use both the metric and customary system?

In many European countries the metric system IS the customary system!

Do Turkey use the metric and the customary system?

Turkey uses the Metric System.The only country that does not use the Metric System is the USA.

What is the difference between the metric system and the US customary system?

The customary units are ones we use everyday. metric units usually have the word meter on it. my teacher taught me meter metric no meter no metric.

What countries use metric system and what countries use customary system?

Only the U.S.A. uses the customary system. Myanmar(Burma) and Liberia both use the old UK Imperial system, which uses the same names for units as the customary, but assigns them different sizes. The whole of the rest of the world uses metric.

Are inches part of the metric system?

No, Inches are part of the American "Customary" system...Metric is way easier to use but America refuses

Who uses the metric system?

the metric system is used in almost every country. America and 2 other countries use the USA customary system.

Why does the US use the customary system and not the metric system?

The US uses the Customary System because they think it is much more easy to use it then the metric system. Also the US did try to change it but, it didn't go well, so they kept it the same and have not changed it at all.

What do you measure in meters?

Because the meter is a metric term, countries using the metric system would use meters the way those who use the customary system use yards.

What is the standard measurement system used by scientist?

The metric system. Oddly enough the metric system is easier and more precise than the customary system that we use in america.

Why do you use customary units and not metric?

no i don't, i use metric, much easier

What is a customary units for length?

Usually people use the metric system, some (like people of the United States) use the English system.

Does Spain use metric system?

i think so because the united states is the only place that doesnt use the metric system alot

Why Customary System is better than Metric?

It isn't better. The customary might seem better because most Americans know the parts of the customary system they need to know and therefore it seems easy to use. 99 per cent of the world's population can't be wrong in using the modern metric system as an everyday measurement system.

Why is the metric system a good system for scientists to use?

#1:It is very simple to convert#2:It is more accurate than the Customary System

Do they use the metric system or the customary system in England?

Schools and industry use metric but many people cling to Imperial measures. We still buy beer in pints and drive for miles to a good pub

What countries still use the customary system of measurement?

The following countries use the customary system: Liberia Burma (Myanmar) US Liberia and Burma are on the brink of changing to the metric system, although the US has been trying for many years.

How does the metric system use in Africa?

How is the metric system use in America? How is the metric system use in Australia? How is the metric system use in Japan? How is the metric system use in Thailand? How is the metric system use in sweden? How is the metric system use in anywhere? Know the answer now?

What is the advantage of metric system from English system?

The metric system in universal around the world whereas the customary system is only used in the US. For this reason scientists and mathmeticians all use the metric system because it creates a sort of universal language so there is no translating.

What measurements does Spain use?

Spain, and the rest of the world (excluding the USA, Liberia, and Burma) use the metric system of measurement

Why is metric easier than what we use in us?

Because the metric unit is used in the rest of the world. We are perhaps the only country with our own customary unit system.

What system does Peru use for weights and measurements?

Peru uses the metric system as most countries do thoughout the world... The US uses the Customary System. IE: Customary System conversions with Metric System... 1 yard = .9144 meter 1 mile = 1.609 kilometers 1 pound = .4535 kilogram 1 quart = .946 liter

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