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According to Starbucks' website and their Global Human Rights Statement, they follow child labor laws to the T and thus do not use child labor.

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Yes they do use child labor in vietnam.

Yes... Abercrombie & Fitch does use child labor.

Yes, Starbucks locations will be open for business on Labor Day.

No. A peacock is a bird. A bird does no work. Therefore, they don't use child labor.

US companies do not use child labor illegally. Family businesses use their children legally.

No, Cuba doesn't use child labor.

It depends on the country where they use child labor, and what kind of rules the country has about it. If the laws don't let you use child labor then the company is using children illegally.

tons of kids DO die from child labor, its because tons work to death and end up getting killed! they don't make a lot of money....(poor kids use child labor don't use child labor~

The use of child labor is for the owner of a child labor place is to under pay the children because they don't know better and then the owner gets more profit then they pay the children

Companies like cadbury and ben and jerry's. No US chocolate companies illegally use child labor in the USA.

Child labor exists in most of Asia even when the corporate entity is often a Western country.

Some child labor slogans are: 1. Say no to child labor, and yes to education...... 2. Stop Child Labor 3. Be kind to a child: Stop Child Labor 4. Let a Child be a Child: Stop Child Labor

Here are a couple of countries that uses child labor: Vietnam, Afghanistan, Ecuador, Ghana, Ukraine, and more

Yup :( sadly... US law prohibits child labor, and there is no evidence that Hershey violates that law where it applies.

While child labor can help the country develop economically, it hurts the country's reputation with the rest of the world. Most first world countries consider child labor incredibly unacceptable and often not use products which come from countries which use child labor. It is because of this that development in these countries is often slow.

Use to not anymore they got caught.

Child labor creates unfair business practices. It harms the children forced to work at a young age and puts others who do not use child labor at a disadvantage for charging more for their services.

Child labor is used by unkind bosses , who use children instead of men , as they will have to pay them very much less in salary.

Child Labor is the use of children illegally to do harmful or physical work. You must be 15 years of age to work legally.

Answer:Child labor has existed in the history of almost every country in the world, including the United States. Some countries in Central and South America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa still use child labor as it hasn't necessarily been outlawed in their countries. Some still use child labor even though it has been outlawed where they live.

Knights of Labor ended child labor.

companies use child labour because they want to havecheap labourlow wages etc.

they used to but not anymore, so, YAY

Because it's cheap and available.

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