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Yes her name is Scarlett Knight, and you can look up a vid on YouTube of her singing while he plays guitar its so cute ;-)

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How many sisters does sterling knight have?

sterling has one sister and her name is scarlett

Is Matthew knights brother Sterling knight?

No they are not brothers. Sterling Knight has a brother named Spencer and a Sister named Samantha

How many siblings does sterling knight have?

Sterling Knight has 2 siblings. A brother named Spencer (younger) and a sister named Scarlett(younger).

Who is Sterling Knight's brother?

Spencer Knight is his younger brother. Scarlett Knight is his younger sister.

Who is sterling knights sister?

He has a younger sister named Samantha Scarlett Knight. He also has a younger brother, if you wanted to know, named Spencer Shuga Knight.

Is sterling knight marryed?

sterling knight is not married !!!!!!!!

Is sterling knight in a band?

No,Sterling Knight is not in a band.

Does sterling knight have siblings?

yes he has a brother named Spencer and a sister named Scarlett!!

Does sterling knight take botox?

No he does not need it. Although, he is too perfect for my sister!!rofl :)

Does sterling knight have any siblings?

Yes he has 3. A stepsister called Sabrina Poturovic, a sister called Makayla Knight, a brother called Spencer Knight.

What is Sterling Knight's full name?

Sterling Sandmann Knight.Sterling Sandmann Knight

Where does Sterling Knight live?

Sterling knight lives in California.

How hot is sterling knight?

sterling knight is super hot

How is dating sterling knight?

Knight well dating sterling ;)

What is the birth name of Sterling Knight?

Sterling Knight's birth name is Sterling Sandmann Knight.

What belly button has sterling knight?

he has a Innie-Type with a little Happy trail.

Where did sterling knight go to school?

hey guys im sterling's sister and sterling and me went to school at kingsford high school. thanks for asking :)

How much does sterling knight weigh?

Sterling Knight weigh's about 195 lbs

Is Sterling Knight his real name?

Yes, Sterling Knight is his birth name.

When was Sterling Knight born?

Sterling Knight was born on March 5, 1989.

Where does sterling knight live at?

Sterling Knight lives in Los Angeles, California.

Who are Sterling Knight's Parents?

Sterling Knight is the son of Devin and Angella Knight.

What languages does sterling knight speak?

Sterling Knight Speaks Spanish && French

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