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Does Steve perry have a facebook or twitter account?


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Steve Perry, former Journey lead singer, does NOT have a Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace account.


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Her Twitter account is @katyperry

search him on twitter if he is there then make your twitter account

You can send mail to Katy Perry on Twitter or on Facebook if you tryed.

Yes his account is @MatthewPerry

Lady Gaga has 12,000,000 + followers on Twitter and 42,000,000 "likes" on FacebookKaty Perry has 9,000,000 + followers on Twitter and 33,000,000 "likes" on FacebookLady Gaga is more famous!!

The real Facebook account for Katy Perry has a Verified Page symbol (a blue circle with a white check mark) next to her name. See Related Links for a link to Katy Perry's Verified Facebook account.

No she does not. She stated on her twitter account that all the profiles are fake.

no Katy perry is not related to Steve perry

No you do not, Say if you wanted to find someone for e.g Katy Perry I would search in google @Katy perry But if u wanted to follow them or tweet then u would need to have an account!

Steve Perry isn't married

Steve Perry is Portuguese

Is Steve perry with a women now

Yes, Steve Perry is the father of Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry, and Neil Perry. However, he is not the same Steve Perry from the band Journey. Their father is a pediatrician in Mississippi.

On Twitter you can follow anyone; from celebrities to complete strangers! Where as on Facebook, you can post pictures.... play games... and like pages... Twitter you can only talk to people (strangers or people you no; sometimes even celebrities!) Plus on Twitter, if they have a little blue tick next to there name... you no it's definitely them..! There account has been verified... So for instance Katy Perry, her account has a little tick next to hers... so you no it's her. Her name on twitter is : @katyperry But if you saw someone like this : @katyperrry and they haven't got a tick, there fake! So, basically, no! Personally I'd say they are nothing alike!

Steve Perry isn't married.

Bradly Steve perry does not have a girlfriend

Yes. Steve Perry is still alive.

Steve Perry is the name of their dad, but it is NOT the same Steve Perry that is the lead singer of Journey. Their father is a pediatrician in Mississippi.

No, Steve Perry from Journey is not related to the country music family band, The Band Perry. However, the father of Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry and Neil Perry is also named Steve Perry.

Steve Perry was born on January 22, 1949.

Steve Perry isn't and never has been married.

Steve Perry did have a dog, but currently he has two cats.

Steve Perry was born in Hanford, California.

Steve Perry had a successful hip surgery in 1998.

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