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Yes, Thailand does celebrate Christmas.


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Thailand people celebrate Christmas but not all people. Thailand people celebrate Christmas as a usual Day, Such as: Working going to school going home Etc. Why? because All Thailand people are not all religious. if a town does celebrate Christmas they hang up a Christmas tree and do whatever Christians do, Celebrate.

New years christmas valentines day and lots more

about 6million people celebrate ChristmasAlso you can choose to celebrate Christmas. If you believe in Jesus then you celebrate Christmas.

no they celebrate the Christmas

Yes, even though the country is 90% Buddhist, Christmas is celebrated in Thailand, not as a Christian holiday, nor is it a public holiday, but it is celebrated.

In Thailand their most important and delicious food are bugs. ex: cockroaches, ants, scorpions...In thailand they speak thai , they celebrate christmas the boys dress up as santa cluas and the girls dress up as princesses.

Thailand doesn't celebrate an independence day. Instead, they celebrate December 5th, which is when their king was born.

they celebrate Christmas with light's

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Pentecostals do celebrate Christmas.

Christian Celebrate Christmas...

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They do celebrate christmas if they are Grecian and do not if they are Greekyons.

Yes, France does celebrate Christmas.

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Most countries celebrate christmas, but Asians celebrate christmas other way.

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