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yes he does. he is the youngest president to take office, but not the youngest to be elected


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Theodore Roosevelt There is not record of Roosevelt ever owning a ML team, however, George Bush was an owner of the Texas Rangers.

Theodore Roosevelt did study Judo. There is no other record of a president studying a martial art.

President Theodore Roosevelt was concerned about the monopoly powers of large corporations. He pioneered the efforts to control large corporations by the use of anti-trust legislation. He has left an outstanding record as US president for his actions.

No one in the time of Theodore Roosevelt spoke openly about homosexuality because it was considered a social taboo. Therefore, there is likely no record of how the man might have felt about the issue.

President Roosevelt sent a record number of bills to congress in 1933 that were all passed.

Yes he can serve for the 2016 election, assuming he was born a U.S. citizen and has lived at least 14 years in the U.S. The minimum age to become president. If he is 34 now, that would make him 39 when he runs and, if he wins, 40 when he is inaugurated (inauguration day is January 20 of the following year). However, that would make him the youngest president in U.S. history. Currently the record is held by Theodore Roosevelt who became president at age 42.

6 months is the Guinness record for the youngest baby to walk.

Franklin D. Roosevelt hold the record of being elected for four consecutive terms as president. Prior to that, it was the custom of US President to only run a maximum of two terms. The result was a change in the US Constitution to allow for only 2 terms.

youngest person i know of is ROMEO he sign a record deal at the age of 5

Franklin D. Roosevelt Actually, Lyndon B. Johnson passed more

Theodore Roosevelt was the president of the US from 1901 to 1909. He was New York Assemblyman,, New York Governor, Vice President, President, and Assistant secretary of the navy all before the age of 43. He mediated the Russo-Japanese War, helped with the Panama Canal, and won the Nobel Peace Prize for Peace. He also holds the standing record for youngest person to be sworn in as president. He achieved national fame as an officer in the Rough Riders, a US cavalry unit ,that made a heroic charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba during the Spanish American War. In 1912, after failing to get the Republican nomination for President, he formed his own party, known as the Bull Moose Party and ran for president as a third candidate. He won more votes than the incumbent Republican president , split the Republican vote and gave the presidency to the Democrat, Woodrow Wilson. His was by far the best showing ever for a third party candidate. He also passed the meat inspection law so others won't get sick.

all i know is that the youngest age is 14


The current president, Donald J. Trump ,has had the most wives, with three. Presidents who had two wives were John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Benjamin Harrison, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Ronald Reagan.

FD Roosevelt: 372 regular vetoes, 263 pocket vetoes. Only 9 were overridden.

March 9 to June 16 1933 President Roosevelt sent a record number of bills to Congress. And all of them were passed

U.S. Presidents Andrew Jackson, Ulysses Grant, William McKinely, and Theodore Roosevelt kept parrots in The White House. Boehrer says that President McKinely's double-yellow headed Amazon was very popular with White House guests because it often shouted "Oh, look at all the pretty girls!" U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt had a Hyacinth Macaw named Eli. He was afraid of the bird's beak, but there is no record of Eli being a "biter".First Ladies Martha Washington, Dolley Madison, and Grace Coolidge also had pet parrots. Quoted from: Carrie BurrowsArticle onParrot Culture: Our 2500-Year-Long Fascination with the World's Most Talkative Bird By Bruce Thomas Boehrer

Theodore Roosevelt was strikingly scandal-free. The only tarnish on his record was the manner in which he handled the Brownsville Affair, a scandal in which a black army unit was framed for a shooting spree that left one dead in Brownsville Texas. Roosevelt dishonorably discharged the unit immediately, but later information emerged to indicate that the unit was not involved in the shooting at all; Roosevelt refused to reinstate the soldiers unless they could prove they were not in Brownsville at the time of the shooting. It was not until the Richard Nixon administration that the soldiers were given honorable discharges - there was only one member of the unit still alive by then.

The president can refuse to approve a law by issuing a veto. Franklin D. Roosevelt holds the record for issuing the most vetoes with 635.

Franklin Roosevelt holds the record with 635 vetoes. Grover Cleveland was second with 414 .

Franklin Roosevelt was the only president to serve three terms . It is now illegal for a president to serve more than two terms, so FDR's record will stand for a long time.

He was elected to four terms as President of the US. The Constitution has been changed to allow an individual to serve only two terms.

She broke the record of the youngest person to write a song on their own. She was seventeen. She also broke the world record as the youngest person to win a Grammy award for the Album of the year.

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