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O.O rlly?!?!?!? ^-^

2011-09-13 00:51:58
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Q: Does Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes have a girlfriend?
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Is Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes gay?

No, he is not gay.

Is Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes dating Neon Hitch?

No. Neon Hitch sings alongside Travie McCoy as the girlfriend in Gym Class Heroes' single "Ass Back Home," but the pair are not dating in real life.

What is the lead singers name out of gym class heroes?

Travis McCoy.

Who is travis mccoy?

he was a man he is the rapper and da leader of gym class heroes

What band did Travis McCoy play for before he went solo?

Gym Class Heroes

Which member of the gym class heroes won mtv's direct effect mc battle?

Travis McCoy

What is the name of Katy perrys boy friend of two years?

Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes

Does travis mccoy have a girlfriend?

He is single.

Is travis mccoy and Bruno mars the same person?

No Travis McCoy is an American singer who is part of the group called Gym Class Heroes. Bruno Mars is also an American solo singer known for his song "Just the way you are".

Is Katy Perry dating the lead singer in gym class heroes?

No, as of right now she is married to comedian, actor Russell Brand. She briefly dated Travis McCoy, lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, but they aren't together anymore.

Gym class heroes singer name?

Travie mcCoy

What is Travis McCoy life story?

Travis grew up in a small town in upstate new york called Geneva. He met the drummer of Gym Class Heroes in gym class. The two quickly became friends and have been together ever since. Travis' birthday is august 6th. He is Haitian American, having a white mother and a Haitian father. Before Gym Class Heroes got famous he did tattoos.

Is travie mccoy and travis mccoy brothers?

Uhh travie and travis is one person. Travis McCoy is his real name but his stage name is Travie McCoy.

Is Rosero McCoy related to Travis McCoy?

Yes. Rosero McCoy is the son of Travis McCoy ... They most definitely are NOT father and son...

Who is travis mccoy new girlfriend?

Her name is Sonia. He just got her name tattooed behind his ear.

What bands are the singers of open happiness in?

Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) Brendon Urie(Panic! At The Disco) Cee-Lo Jenelle Monae Butch Walker

Is Katy Perry marrid?

No, she isnt married but she is dating Travis McCoy from Gym Class Hero's

Who sing open happiness the coke song?

Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy)Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes)Brendon Urie(Panic! At The Disco)Cee-LoJenelle MonaeButch Walker

HOW TALL IS travis mccoy?

Travis is 6' 5.5"

Is the artist who sings billionaire called travis mccoy or travie mccoy because its travie on itunes but travis everywhere else?

His name is Travie McCoy

Did travis mccoy get married?


Was Travis McCoy married?


What is travis mccoy's real name?

Travis Lazarus McCoy :)

Has Bruno mars written music for gym class heroes?

No, but Travie McCoy was recording with gym class heroes until he took a break. On his break he recorded billionaire with Bruno Mars

Does Kesha have a song with Travis McCoy?

No, Kesha does not have a song with Travie McCoy.