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Does UCLA require SAT subject tests?

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What is the SAT 2?

SAT II's are also known as SAT Subject Tests. These tests are standardized (just like the SAT Reasoning Test), but they only focus on one subject (for instance, physics). Many colleges require students to take SAT II tests.

What are the required entrance tests for UCLA?

Sat, satII, and act

Is an SAT subject test the same as the SATs?

No, it's quite different. The SAT I is split into three sections: critical reading, math, and writing. That's all it tests. The SAT II subject tests are specific to individual academic subjects. So you can take an SAT subject test in Calculus AB, in physics, etc. The SAT subject tests are kind of close in idea to the AP exams - they are focused on specific academic subjects. Many, many colleges require the SAT I - the general test. Few actually *require* any SAT subject tests, although some do, and if you take them and do well, it can help your application even at schools that don't require them.

Can you take the sat subject test without taking sat 1?

Yes, you can take subject tests without having to take the SAT I; however, it's recommended. Generally, most colleges require both SAT I and SAT II, although some don't require the SATs at all.

Which tests should you take as part of the college application process?

Either the SAT or the ACT and most big, prestigious schools like Boston College require at least 2 SAT Subject Tests

Are SAT subject tests important for college admission?

No - there are relatively few colleges that require or even have the ability to record SAT subject test scores on applications. If the college requires them, you will need to have good SAT subject test scores. Other than that, you don't need to worry about taking those tests at all.

What is the difference between the SAT subject test and the SAT reasoning test?

The SAT Reasoning Test is more general and tests your logic. It has math, critical reading, and writing sections, and is taken much more often than the subject tests. SAT Subject Tests focus on one specific subject, like US History or Physics. If you require any other information, practice tests,notes or reviews you can log on to has all the information required, Great stuff.

What is an SAT II test?

The SAT II tests are now known as the SAT Subject Tests. Like the regular SAT, they are administered by the College Board. Each SAT Subject Test covers a specific subject, such as biology, chemistry, calculus AB, US history, Spanish, Chinese etc. These tests are typically taken by a student in early June right after he or she takes the final in the honors or AP course covered by the SAT Subject Test. However, any high school student can take any SAT Subject Test anytime it is given by the College Board. Most of the Top 20 national universities require applicants to report scores from two SAT Subject Tests. For some students applying to the very top schools, the results of these SAT Subject Tests can determine the fate of their applications.

For Universities that require 3 SAT subject tests is it ok to use both Math you and Math II?

see wikipedia

Can you take SAT and SAT Subject tests in One day?


Can you do sat subject tests and SAT on the same day?

No. SAT and SAT Subject Tests are held on the same day (at the same time) so you cannot register for both. You will have to take one of them a different day.

What is the required SAT score to get into Cornell?

According to the Cornell website, they don't have an exact required number because each applicant has an individual story. But they do require the SAT, and some SAT Subject Tests, or the ACT.

What is the difference between the SAT and the SAT I?

The test is required for admission to undergraduate programs of most US universities. Many universities also require you to take SAT-II tests.SAT-I : Reasoning TestThe SAT-I is a three hour, primarily multiple-choice test that measures verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities that develop over time. Most colleges require SAT-I scores for admission.SAT-II : Subject TestsThe SAT-II subject tests are one hour, primarily multiple-choice tests that measure your knowledge of particular subjects and your ability to apply that knowledge. Many universities may require you to take this along with SAT-I.If you need any other regarding the SAT, online practice test papers and the other study material , you can log on to this website It has really excellent stuff.

What does SAT 2 test?

The SAT II tests your knowledge of a particular subject. There are many different SAT II (a.k.a the SAT subject test) tests. It is suggested that you take the test in a subject that you have taken an AP or Honors course in or know a lot about.

How do you convert sat ii scores to sat i?

There isn't a conversion between the two. The SAT I is the standard math, reading, writing test, which is required for most colleges. The SAT II, know as SAT Subject Tests, are one hour tests in one subject only. These tests allow you to show your strengths in particular subjects - especially the sciences and foreign languages as these are not tested on the SAT I - but most students take them because some colleges require them. SAT II scores have varying curves depending on the test, so conversion to SAT I scores is impossible.

What is the SAT test scored out of?

The SAT reasoning test, or SAT I is scored out of 2400. The breakdown: 800: critical reading 800: writing 800: math The SAT subject tests, or SAT II's, are each scored out of 800. These are individual tests on a specific subject.

What is the duration of the SAT Subject Tests?

46 minuits

Do you need to take both the sat and act to get into ucla?

Admission requirements particular to testing for UCLA:Essay(s) requiredRequired: SAT Reasoning Test or ACTIf submitting ACT, the writing section is requiredRequired: SAT Subject TestsFor the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated directly below this answer section.

What tests do schools usually require as part of the application process?


IS Sat for bachelors or masters degree?

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is one of two tests colleges and universities require for application to an undergraduate program. The other is the ACT. Most schools only require one of these tests, but some are specific as to which test they require.

What are two types of SAT tests?

The two types are the original SAT Test with three sections and the Subject Tests. Subject tests cover a variety of high school topics such as physics, biology, math, and foreign languages.

What must every student who wants to take the sat not do?

Register for one or more SAT subject tests

Are there essays for SAT subject tests?

Yes there is an essay at the begining of the test.

Can I get sat tutoring?

Princeton Review does SAT subject tutoring with students. They also prep for the LSAT, ACT and GMAT. Here is a link -

What is the difference between SAT you and SAT II?

While both are made by the ETS for college admissions, the SAT is a standardized test that tests test-taking ability and readiness for college. The SAT II (also known as subject tests) is a shorter, more specific set of tests that test students on certain subjects such as chemistry and world history. Almost every college in the U.S. will accept SAT scores and SAT II scores, but some colleges recommend SAT II subject tests more than others.