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Hyfr they do

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2012-09-16 01:20:16
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Q: Does USPS deliver packages on Sundays?
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Do packages still ship on Sundays?

The USPS will not pick up, or deliver packages on Sunday. However if your package is already in the mail it will continue to move towards it destination on Sundays.

How late does USPS deliver packages?

The latest USPS delivers is 4:30.

Does FedEx move packages on Sundays?

yes they do but not deliver

Who will deliver USPS packages on Saturday?

The Postal Service announced that, beginning in August, they will no longer deliver mail on Saturdays. USPS deliveries of packages will continue, and Post Offices will still be open.

Does UPS ship on Sundays?

They do ship travelling packages on Sundays such as air flight or by truck but does not deliver on Sundays.

Does the mail come on Sundays in Olympia WA 98501?

The USPS does not deliver mail on Sundays, except for Express Mail.

Does USPS deliver packages on New Year's Day?

USPS will deliver a package on New Year's Day only if it has been sent Express Mail, and only if the area you are mailing it to offers delivery on Sundays and Holidays for Express Mail. It's best to call 1-800 ASK USPS to get more specific information.

Will USPS deliver package shipped overnight on Sundays?

Yes they will. They'll only deliver it if it's an express package on Sundays though. Oh, they'll also deliver on holidays aswell

Does USPS deliver packages on Saturday?

USPS Priority delivers packages on Saturdays...but I dont know about regular delivery method by USPS.. but if they deliver mail on Saturdays why cant they with packages? and I do believe I received a package on Saturday from USPS 4 years ago but I forgot whether I used Priority Mail or not... well if not then just wait til Monday?

How many times a day does USPS deliver packages?

about twice every Gallifreyan Sunstroke if you know what I mean.

Do they Collect Mail on Sundays?

The United States Postal Service is not open and mail does not run on Sundays. Mail doesn't deliver on Sundays however people who work for USPS do work on Sundays. Not all branches though. They do however transfer mail by trucks on Sundays.

What days do ups deliver?

In most areas, UPS delivers Monday through Friday. For special packages they will deliver on Saturday, but not in every area. They do not deliver on Sundays or federal holidays.

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