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Does Ulillillia have Asperger's Syndrome?


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According to information about Ulillillia, people speculate that he has either autism or Asperger's Syndrome. However, some think he has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) instead. Still others believe he has both OCD and an autism spectrum disorder.

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It is estimate that around 700,000 children have Aspergers Syndrome.

Aspie = Person with Aspergers Syndrome. It's friendly slang that those with Aspergers Syndrome use to refer to themselves. People without Aspergers Syndrome are referred to as NTs - Neurotypicals.

Yes, women with Aspergers Syndrome experience menopause differently

Asperger's syndrome is diagnosed by your psychiatrist and/or psychologist.

Its called Aspergers Syndrome.

Usually you are born and diagnosed with it

Close, asburgeres sounds similar to aspergers. Asburgeres specifically does not exist but aspergers does. Other names for aspergers is asperger(s) syndrome and autistic psychopathy which is the original name for aspergers.

With capitalization, the correct spelling isAsperger's Syndrome or simply Asperger Syndrome.

Aspergers Syndrome can be called: Aspergers, High-Functioning Autism, or you could just call it Autism, because it's a type of Autism.

There is nothing in his bibliography to indicate that he had Aspergers' Syndrome. He may have had OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and had a photographic memory. He was also antisocial and very opinionated.

No. Aspergers syndrome and autism and stuff like that can only affect humans.

Yes in fact savant syndrome is one of chance.

No, he just shy when cameras are on him.

If Aspergers Syndrome runs in your family, then it is very common. But it is uncommon if it does not run in the mother's side of the family. There are about 1,000,000 Aspergers People in the United Kingdom, I have it so I know.

Yes! In many cases Aspergers Syndrome is never diagnosed :)

Aspergers Syndrome is a type of Autism. You would likely take the child to a specialist who treats this type of brain disorder.

My behavior was "bizarre" at 18 months!

The Transporters DVD helps Children with Aspergers Syndrome as it tries to help build what they are lacking in certain areas such as facial expression recognition or emotion.

People with aspergers are often bullied Aspergers can lead to deprerssion, since they are lonlier and are have higher stress levels People with aspergers are often shy, and have troble making friends

Yes because aspergers is a syndrome and schizophrenia affects a different part of the brain, possible but very rare.

It's a mental. Aspergers is a form of Autism which is a spectrum disorder and Aspergers is classed as a psychological disability.

Aspergers syndrome is a disorder having to do with a person's ability to interact socially. Because it is a social disorder, the general health of a person with this syndrome would not be affected. The life expectancy is the same as that of any other person. The movie "Rain Man" is about a man with Aspergers (or somewhere on the Autism Spectrum). It may give you a better idea of what it is.

No. she tested, "borderline positive," for Lupus she has said.

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