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Q: Does Una Healy have Movie Star Planet?
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When was Una Healy born?

Una Healy was born on October 10, 1981.

What is Una Healy's birthday?

Una Healy was born on October 10, 1981.

Where does una from the saturdays live?

Google images - Una Healy.

How old is Una Healy?

UK singer and presenter Una Healy (now Una Foden) is 36 years old (birthdate: October 10, 1981).

What nationality is Una Healy?


Is Una Healy an Albanian?

No, she is Irish.

Which of The Saturdays is Irish?

una healy

Where does Una Healy live?


What Saturdays member has the surname Healy?

Una, but now it isnt Healy its Foster

What is Una's last name from the Saturdays?

Una's Surname from the saturdays is Healy

Who in the Saturdays is called una?

Una Healy is the red haired one :)

Is una healy a Celtic fan?