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A planet cannot "have" asteroids. But there are asteroids near Venus' orbit.

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Venus does not have any moons. It revolves around the sun as the earth does and the six major planets. Also asteroids and comets also revolve around the sun.

Because there has been asteroids and meteors that have collided with it.

Venus does have craters. Like Earth, most of the smaller asteroids burn up in the atmosphere.

The Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars have many asteroids - they are contained in a belt called the Apollo Asteroids [See related question]

yes but they are only fake and not real asteroids

No. Asteroids orbit in space. The are not "on" any planet.

Actually there are an place of Asteroids. Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars ASTEROID Belt. So why I capitalized the word ASTEROID on ASTEROID Belt. Because this Belt is full of Asteroids

Little craters because Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system, so any comets or asteroids would burn up because of the heat or in the thick atmosphere.

Asteroids can fall on any planet (or moon).

Yes. Asteroids can hit any planet.

Carl Sagan suggested striking Venus with large asteroids, in an attempt to expel the inhospitable atmosphere away from the planet.

No. While mercury has undoubtedly been hit by asteroids and comets, it does not "have" any.

Moon Near-Earth Objects (asteroids, comets) Venus Mars

No because it is not that close to the asteroid belt there for it doesnt get hit that often.

Several of the larger asteroids have smaller asteroids that orbit them.

No. Asteroids do not have enough mass to become geologically active.

Throughout the solar system. We think of the "asteroid belt" as a roughly toroidal (doughnut-shaped) region of space between Mars and Jupiter, but in fact there are asteroids close to Earth, in between Earth and Venus, and in closer to the Sun than Venus is. We don't have a good reckoning as to how many asteroids are out beyond Jupiter; most asteroids are too small to be seen, that far away. But we can be confident that there are quite a few! Beyond the orbit of Neptune, we no longer call them "asteroids"; they are referred to as "Trans-Neptunian Objects" or even further out, "Kuiper Belt Objects". But they are merely asteroids by another name.

For comets, no. Asteroids never had any superstitions associated with them.

no they do not have any orbiting moons!!!!

Carl Sagan suggested back in 1993 that we should strike Venus with large asteroids, in an attempt to eject the inhospitable atmosphere away from the planet.

no..... asteroids don't support life. there is no atmosphere around asteroids which can hold air we breathe . asteroids are rich in minerals and missions to asteroids are being planned in order to mine them

no venus does not have any rings or moons

No, Venus does not have any moons or rings.

Asteroids are practically balls of ice, iron, rock minerals, and any other space junk.

No. Many asteroids, including a variety of extremely large ones, do, however, originate from Uranus.

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