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Looking the answers on a internet, it seems that Virgin Mobile does support 3G, although it varies on where the Virgin Mobile is used. One should check the site of Virgin Mobile to see if 3G works on ones area.

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No there is no 3g option in Nokia 5233.

i love nokia 5310 ,but it not support the WLAN AND the 3G :(

It is a 4 digit number only available from a virgin mobile

The best mobile operators in the USA that offer 3G coverage are Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Straight Talk from Wal Mart.

yes, but 3g data runs at different frequencies

3g mobile is a cellular network. You can get it by going into any cellular store and requesting 3G.

Go to Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks and uncheck the "Data Enabled" box.

3G is a class and 3g is a mobile phone too. 3G is a generation of multiple standards for mobile phones and mobile telecommunications services fulfilling specifications by the International Telecommunication Union.

The uptake for 3G was fairly slow to begin with as there may not have been the support for the 3G system. Some of the first phones to include 3G include the Nokia 6630, the LG u880 3G, and Ericsson also released their own 3G phone. will not support 3G

Yes it does. Read related links for specifications.

Yes! T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile have external USB drives (sticks) for 3g and 4g. The prices may differ for the different type of internet (3g or 4g) you would like however. Hope this helps. :)

No, sorry. The iPhone uses a SIM card... virgin mobile does not. I wanted to do this as well but it just isn't possible. What you could do is find out how to make your iphone prepaid through another service. Google it, there are steps how.

The frequency that the service providers operate on and the mobile phones support in the Philippines are 900/1800 and 3G 2100.

To receive wireless service from Virgin Mobile visit a local Virgin Mobile store. One could also visit the Virgin Mobile website or call the Virgin Mobile company.

Yes Nokia 6233 support 3G

Any 3g mobile or a tablet.

Any Android phone is the best 3g mobile phone. Other 3g phones are quite good, but Android has proven themselves in the 3g market as the top contender.

"Think Hatke" is the Tagline of Virgin Mobile.

Huw do i opt out on virgin mobile

3G is a better version of the mobile phone internet...the providers claims that if u r on 3G the speed of the mobile internet will be as gud as ur home broadband....3G is a better tech than just the broad band............................

All cellphone providers use 3g mobile. it depends on the plan you receive weather you will get the 3g or not. Plans with 3g generally cost 5-10$ more.

If you're talking about mobile broadband for your phone, it's neither DSL nor T1: it's 3G.

There are many companies that offer 3G mobile services in the United Kingdom. Some of the companies that offer 3G mobile services in the UK would include Airtel and MTN.

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