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I read on Wrestlezone that he really does eat worms in real life. Not just as a spoof, but he enjoys it.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-11 13:38:42
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Q: Does WWE wrestler the Boogeyman really eat worms?
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Who is the WWE wrestler the boogEYMAN?

Boogeyman is a wrestler in the wwe. His gimmick was to eat worms and to be creepy(he really ate worms).He had feuds with king Booker and finlay. but wwe released him in 2009 or 2008

Why does WWE wrestler eat worms?

The Boogeyman. . .

Where is the wrestler the boogeyman?

Well,the boogeyman is now out of the wwe because the worms that he was eating was disgusting even though it was fake.

Does WWE wrestler boogeyman eat worm?

Yes he does because when the worms drop on the ring they move

Does the WWE wrestler the Boogeyman hurt children?


Does boogeyman really eat worms?

Yes he eats worms but he only eats them while hes in the wwe building.

Was Boogeyman a good Wrestler in WWE?

He was O.k but creepy

How old is WWE wrestler the boogeyman?

he is 36 and he is weird,but i like him

How do you get the boogeyman?

on wwe 2009 smackdown v.s. raw put in boogeyman eats worms !!

Is the Boogeyman of WWE still alive?

Yes. He is very much alive. Martin Wright is the wrestler who played the character of Boogeyman in the WWE. He left the WWE in 2009. He is wrestling in independent circuits ever since he left the WWE. Though he was a scary gimmick wrestler in the WWE, he wasn't as successful as they had hoped.

Who is the wierdest WWE wrestler?

Although some people might disagree with me, I would say that the boogeyman is the weirdest wrestler.

What happened to the boogeyman in WWE raw?

he ate too many worms and died :( but really he got fired after losing to Booker t

Did the boogeyman really got fired from WWE?


Did the boggeyman from the WWE die from eating worms?

No, he did not die. The way it was shown on screen looked like he actually ate worms but that was a gimmick. He wasn't actually eating worms. Those were worm look-alike edible items. Boogeyman currently is no longer working with the WWE. He is very much alive and is working the independent circuits as a freelance wrestler.

Who is wrestling's Boogeyman?

Boogeyman is a wwe wrestler who takes on the role of the haunted tale of the boogeyman who hides underneath beds and strikes at midnight. The wwe boogeyman enters the ring with a foreign dance and a staff, holding a clock in one hand. He wears red, yellow and black makeup. He also eats worms after successfully winning a match. He terrorizez the wwe by appearing at the most unexpected places. He is currently fighting in the ECW brand. His signature line is " I'm the boogeyman, and I,m coming to get you." His real name is Marty Wright, and his birthday is on October 31st, 1964. His signature move in wrestling is the Boogeyslam. A:The Boogeyman is a WWE wrestler born on 1o/31/64. he is 44..He is currently with ECW .The Boogeymans signature move is the boogey slam.His famous line is i am the boogeyman and i am coming to get you.The boogeyman is also known as Marty Wright. After succesfully winning a match he puts worms in his mouth and spits them back up into his oponents mouth. His entrence he holds a clock in his mouth and bangs his hed with it. Boogeyman has red and black mask

Is the boogeyman from the wwe really dead?

No, the WWE just cancelled his contract last year.

Who is the WWE wrestler bogeyman?

His real name is Marty Wright! (He eats worms!)

How did WWE superstar boogeyman die?

The boogeyman did not die!

Why did the boogeyman get fired from WWE?

you mean released. probobly because he is old and how long can a human put worms in their mouths. come on!

Is the WWE Boogeyman Tongan?

no the boogeyman isn't on svr 2010

Is the Boogeyman back in the WWE?


Is boogeyman in WWE?


Will Boogeyman return to WWE?

The Boogeyman is most likely not returning to WWE, since he is currently in a different wrestling circuit.

What happen to the Boogeyman on WWE?

The Boogeyman was released from his contract in early 2009

Did the WWE boogeyman die?

No, former WWE super star- "boogeyman" didn't die. He was fired from the WWE, that's why he isn't and/or wasn't around. Besides if "boogeyman" did indeed die, the WWE would've put a memorial service or something to honor his memory. But the point is "boogeyman" didn't die, and isn't dead.