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There are three categories that contain questions about Answers:

Questions about
Questions about WikiAnswers
Questions about ReferenceAnswers

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Yes, it's called "Questions about WikiAnswers" and this question is in that category!

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Q: Does WikiAnswers have a WikiAnswers category?
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What kind of answers can you make and catagorize in the category WikiAnswers Local category?

No answers can be added to the WikiAnswers Local category.

Who is the supervisor of the 'Questions about WikiAnswers' category?

The supervisors for the 'Questions about WikiAnswers' category are Kamuna and Dino10.

Why are there no questions in the 'WikiAnswers Local' category?

"WikiAnswers Local" is a placeholder category for questions about certain countries. No new questions should be added to the main "WikiAnswers Local" category.

What category on WikiAnswers has the least questions?

That would be WikiAnswers Local.

Is there a category on WikiAnswers for Zwinky?


Why is there no snowmobile category on WikiAnswers?

There is now a snowmobiling category under Sports.

Which WikiAnswers category has the most supervisors?

The "Math" category with eight Supervisors.

What category are Quakers under?

In WikiAnswers there is a category called 'Quakers' it is a sub category of 'Religion and Spirituality'.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers have a Geography category?

It does. If you click on the category of "Science," you will see the sub-category of "Geography."

What is the strangest question that has been asked on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers has a category called 'Most Amusing Questions Ever Asked on WikiAnswers'. The category is home to many amusing questions that also goes under the category strange, unusual, weird, etc. Below is the link to the category.

How do you write a sentence using category?

This question is in the WikiAnswers category for example sentences.

Is there a Gordie Howe category on WikiAnswers?

No, not yet.

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