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I bought mine a couple weeks ago. I was starting to think it was a scam until last night. I'm not a huge workout buff but I bench and have some free weights at my house. Normally I do one set on the bench press one set on the curl bar and by then I'm to tired to do anything else haha! Last night I did my bench my curl and after I was pumping 40lb free weights like a madman. It was almost scary haha.

I think there is something to the bands you won't feel it anything it may not effect you until weeks later but doing some routine workout you will notice an added longevity

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Hi All , Actually I have bought one XPB bracelet after testing it , for me IT WORKS and its still working , I find it fantastic for my body , mind , mode. Regards

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I am a very skeptical person, so I just knew that it was all a scam. My mother bought me a band, b/c I was having a lot of different issues like: I have bone spurs in both of my heels, I had little to no energy to do anything, lots of headaches, and a very grumpy mood from just not feeling well at all. Within an hour of wearing the band my feet had stopped hurting altogether, my headache was gone, my mood had improved drastically, and I had so much energy that I shopped for another 7 hours and never felt the least bit bad. I could be a true walking commercial for XPB. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To answer the question NO the power bands don't work, its all in the mind but not really in the mind either studies show that when given a double blinded test meaning having the real power band and a placebo band there was no difference between the two. @OtimusJello

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