Does Yemen have a king?

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no, just a president.
No. Modern Yemen is a Republic, not a kingdom. It has an elected President and Prime Minister.
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Where is Yemen?

Yemen is located in southwest Asia on the southern tip of theArabian Peninsula. Yemen is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north,Oman to the east, the Red Sea to the west and the Indian Ocean tothe South. It's an Arabian neighborhood. It is adjacent to Syria.

What is the Aliman university in yemen?

it is an Islamic university located in the city of sana'a. exteremly strict Islamic practises in all subject areas. different sections Qua'an and Islamic studies and Seeriah (life of the prophet) as well as a science sectoim.

Does Yemen Japan or Saudi Arabia have a king?

Saudi Arabia has a king (King Abdullah bin Abdul Azziz Al-Saud) Japan has an Emperor (Emperor Akihito) Yemen's last king Muhammad al-Badr was deposed in 1970 and died in 1996. Yemen is currently run by an autocratic, non-monarchical government.

How diverse is Yemen?

Discover the ancient civilization of Yemen, and dive Yemen's Island of Bliss. Undersea What We See, Inc. is pleased to offer the adventurous diver the opportunity to experience Yemeni culture and hospitality while diving the waters of Socotra Island. . we THINK? :-)

Who was the queen of Yemen?

Arwa, at first she ruled through her two husbands and later on alone. She moved the capital of Yemen to Jibla.

What country is Yemen in?

Yemen itself is a country. It is located in the southwestern area of Asia on the Arabian peninsula.

What is the capital of Yemen?

Yemen's capital is Sana'a (صنعاء) , sometimesspelled as Sanaa or Ṣan'ā'. As Yemen fractures in its current civilwar, the Houthis have taken control of Sana'a and are ruling fromthere. The Sunni Yemeni forces are ruling from the South Yemeniformer capital of Aden.

Where is Southern Yemen?

South Yemen used to be a separate state, but is now simply the southern part of Yemen. Yemen is in Asia in the south western part of the Arabian Peninsualr.

What is the population for Yemen?

As of 2012, the total population of the country of Yemen was 23.85million. Yemen is a small Arabic country that is located in WesternAsia.

Capitol of Yemen?

The Capital is Sana'a. it is also the largest city. Free to add to my answer!

What are the demographics of Yemen?

All Yemenis citizens are Arabs include other Arabs and small number of jewish(600) as a nationaldemography, also there are a million Somalis refugees, and a thousands of thousands from other non-Arabs states

What is the currency of Yemen?

Yemeni rial is the currency of Yemen. The Republic of Yemen is anArab country with a population of over 23 million people.

Who is the ruler of Yemen?

there is no ruler there is a president and his name is Ali Abdullah Saleh

Sports in Yemen?

I'm doing research on that right now in school and so far I have found they are really into "football" aka soccer. They also have been to the Olympics in swimming and other sports. Hope this gives you some help.

What is a fact about Yemen?

Yemen is the second largest country on the Arab peninsula. It has apopulation of over 23 million people. Yemen has few naturalresources and depends on agriculture as a means of support.

Who is the President of Yemen?

Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi is thePresident of Yemen. After unification of South and North Yemen, Abdullah Saleh becameChairman of the Presidential council, until he became President ofunified Yemen on 1994 October 1. Saleh would make Hadi the VicePresident on October 3, 2 days later. In early 2011, du ( Full Answer )

What does Yemen export?

Yemen's top exports are crude oil 81.5% refined oil products 11.8%and fish & seafood 2.4% Most of the remaining 4.3% of exportsconsists of various agricultural products.

Where is the country Yemen?

Yemen is located in South-west Asia, on the Arabian Peninsula. Its is bordered by Saudi-Arabia, Oman, the Red Sea, the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Aden.

What are the traditions of Yemen?

There are many traditions in Yemen, including arranged marriages.There are also several traditions that effect death and how a bodyis cared for.

Does Yemen have a volcano?

yes they are: . Harra of Arhab . Jabal El-Marha . Jabal Haylan . Harras of Dhamar . Harra es- Sawâd . Harra of Bal Haf . Bir Borhut . Hanish . Zukur . Zubair . Jebel Tair

What does Yemen produce?

The two main crops of Yemen are coffee and 'qat' which is a mild stimulant. They also have oil and natural gas reserves. Other than these commodities, Yemen does not have a high production rate.

Why was Yemen Formed?

Yemen is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. For example, the capital city of Sana'a was established by 'Sam' the son of Noah. This dated back to 5000 years. Some cities and civilizations of Yemen are mentioned in the Quran and Bible. E.g. Sheba kingdom.

Are there terrorists in Yemen?

Yes -- as in many countries. But they are only a very small part of a country of over 20 million people.

What resources does Yemen have to offer?

Yemen has oil and natural gas. It also has some small amounts ofgold, copper, and coal. The west side of the country hasagriculture.

Was Yemen influenced by the spread of islam?

yes. at start of Islam Yemen was for Persian empire and people of Yemen themselves converted Islam before Muslims attack Persian Empire. Salman Farsi (one Persian and of best companions of prophet) had a great role in introduce of Islam to Iranians of that time (including current Yemen)

Why was Yemen split into 2?

The Yemeni government was fighting with the Saudi Arabians to declare their independence they merged in the 1980's they are thinking of re-splitting due to a national war between the two nations.

What is the temperature in Yemen?

The climate in Yemen is various and depends on the different altitudes of the regions. There are no distinctive limits between the seasons. Generally there are two main seasons (summer and winter). During summer the climate is hot with high humidity dominating in the coastal area. In winter the ( Full Answer )

Is Yemen on the equator?

No, Yemen is fully in the Northern Hemisphere, and is completely North of 12 degrees North.

Famous people in Yemen?

Yahya Muhammad Hamid: Imam from 1904 until his death in 1948. Born 1869. Shoshana Damari: Born 1923, famous singer, died 2006 of pneumonia, family singing song when she died. Abdullah as-Sallal: Born 1917, leader of North Yemeni Revolution, died 1994 aged 77. Eddie Izzard: Born 1962, English sing ( Full Answer )

How old is the city of Yemen?

Yemen is not a city, it is a country. if you are talking about the oldest city IN Yemen, it is Sana'a. It is said to be one of the oldest and most continuously inhabited cities of the world. Legend has it that Noah's son was the founder of the city.

What does the flag of Yemen represents?

Yemen Flag Meaning: Red, white, black and green are called the pan-Arab colors and have been historically linked to the Arab people and Islamic faith for centuries. The red stripe represents the blood shed during the country's struggle for independence. The white symbolizes hope for the future, an ( Full Answer )

How important is religion in Yemen?

Islam is the religion there. They actually have religion as a everyday thing there so some of the laws are based on religious things

Are there any jungles in Yemen?

Bura'a: Yemen's last tropical forestendangered. One of the last remaining Arabian forests, Bura'aReserve, hides between the sea and the desert in the shelter of themagnificent granite Jabal Bura'a mountain overlooking the Tehamaplain onto the Red Sea.

What is the island located southwest of Yemen?

The island is called Socotra. Socotra is probably the answer you are looking for, but it is more to the South East of Yemen than the South West. To the South West of Yemen is the continent of Africa.

What is distance from England to Yemen?

The distance between the above mentioned places is 3703miapproximately. The distance is straight path from one place to anotherplace. There might be slight difference between the actual distance andthe above mentioned distance because of the route chosen.

Who discovered Yemen?

The Queen of Sheba and her minions were the first mention of what is now the country of Yemen.

What tribes are in yemen?

Some tribes in Yemen include: Banu Hamdan, Al Murrah, Banu Yam, Banu Judham, Hashid, Bakil,and Madhaj.

Is Yemen a real place?

Yes, Yemen is a REAL place. It's on the other side of the globe, insouthwest of Asia.

Can you build a church in Yemen?

One thing that is interesting about the church is that it's founder is not dead unlike the other religions or any human formed system. Jesus promised to be with His dischiples wherever they go. The context of the disciples ministry was more hostile that what we have in our contexts. Imagine a king s ( Full Answer )

What happen in yemen?

what is happening in 2011 is that the Yemen are protesting for different president not this president that was for 30 years.

What is grown in Yemen?

Yemen is a very small country along with Oman and Saudi Arabia and they grow the same things which include, Bananas, Grapes, Dates, Watermelons, Barley, Wheat, Cucumbers and Tomatoes.

Why McDonald's not in Yemen?

actually there is mcdonalds in sana'a and aden. i have a friend in yemen who said there is. but if only they had applebees in yemen.

What hobbies do they have in Yemen?

It is playing sports such as football (soccer) along with going to the desert in the dunes. Pretty much normal as other places and so forth. People I know love horse racing and elegant activities such as sit in the shade and play cards or talk about old days :) Bilal aka Mr. Awesome... ;)

Do South Yemen have legal rights to secede from North Yemen?

AS Basically known that all people have legal right to determine there political system or direction,with south Yemen the unity between North and south only come in being in the recent years it depends on the majority of each two to choose whether they will stay united none among the to have right t ( Full Answer )

Does Yemen have electronics?

Yes, Yemen does have electronics, they have an electronic store and they sell different kinds of electronics like iphones, ipads, laptops, computers and many more

What is the location of Yemen?

Yemen is the middle east, west of Oman, south of Saudi Arabia, and north of the Indian Ocean.

What is the president of Yemen?

Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi is the current president of Yemen and has held office since 27 February 2012.