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Does Yemen have a king?


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no, just a president.

No. Modern Yemen is a Republic, not a kingdom. It has an elected President and Prime Minister.


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Yemen is a republic, and has a president.

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the King of Yemen is killing them and wants to slaughter all shia of Yemen. so they are fighting.

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The queen of Sheba came from Yemen to visit king Solomon.

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Sheeba, also spelled Sheba. Saba in Arabic. It was in Yemen that the Queen of Sheba met King Solomon in the Bible and in the Quran.

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Saudi Arabia has a king (King Abdullah bin Abdul Azziz Al-Saud) Japan has an Emperor (Emperor Akihito) Yemen's last king Muhammad al-Badr was deposed in 1970 and died in 1996. Yemen is currently run by an autocratic, non-monarchical government.

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